Peter Hudson of Cyclotherapy
Peter Hudson of Cyclotherapy







March 2013


Cyclotherapy was established by Chartered Psychologist and competitive cyclist, Peter Hudson, in order to bring to the serious cyclist the same type of psychological support available to Team GB and Sky Procycling riders. Riders are helped on an individual basis to overcome mental obstacles to maximising their potential in competition.


Peter Hudson of Cyclotherapy

Peter Hudson of Cyclotherapy


Traditional sports psychology offers “off the shelf” techniques, such as positive self-talk and mental imagery, but the success of British elite riders shows that riders will often have to work hard to overcome the individual mental blocks that reduce their effectiveness in competition.


Generally cyclists pay most attention to equipment, nutrition and training, but tend to ignore their psychological preparation for competition.


Peter has worked with many riders who experience ‘performance anxiety’ in that they can go well in training but will ‘freeze’ either before or during competition and not do as well as their fitness level would predict.


He works with the rider to uncover the source of the problem, usually a previous negative experience of ‘being on the stage’ and helps the rider reduce the effect of this experience on their current performance.


Cyclists can also be helped to overcome the anxiety caused by falls and crashes, as well as improving confidence in descending and cornering. All this is achieved by the use of proven clinical techniques.


Peter has recently started working with the GB Transplant cycling team in preparation for the World Transplant games in South Africa in 2013. Team captain, coach and transplant world champion, Richard Smith said, “Peter Hudson and the Cyclotherapy team are a great asset in our preparation for the games, which will give us an edge over the competition”.


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