Schwalbe Newark Grand Prix results

Schwalbe Newark Grand Prix was the final round of the National Circuit Series and saw the team and individual titles decided.

This was the second running of the Schwalbe Newark Grand Prix and the final round of the National Circuit Serie. The race had a carnival atmosphere with the circuit centred around the Royal Market Square with its cobbles and food stall. The two cobbled sections thankfully stayed dry for the evening’s racing. The final round would see the series leader decided, while the team standings were not likely to change. Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee were ahead of DAS-Handsling.

Robyn Clay takes the win at the Schwalbe Newark Grand Prix
Robyn Clay takes the win at the Schwalbe Newark Grand Prix

Emma Jeffers of DAS-Handsling attacked from the gun. As last year’s winner Jeffers knew that she needed to be on the front on the technical circuit. As the race proceeded the two squads battling it out in the team competition controlled the front, marking anyone who tried to break away. Riders like Isabel Darvill (Team Spectra Cannondale) and Ellen McDermott (Team Boompods) tried, but were brought back.

With a lap to go DAS-Handsling were lined out to take Jeffers to the line. However disaster struck as Sammie Stuart slid on the flagstones of the finishing straight. With DAS-Handsling down, Pro-Noctis-Heidi Kjeldsen-200 Degrees Coffee stormed to the front. Robyn Clay of Pro-Noctis-Heidi Kjeldsen-200 Degrees Coffee took the last corner at speed and crossed the line with her hands in the air. Denied a second victory was Emma Jeffers, with Isabel Darvill in third.

 Schwalbe Newark Grand Prix podium
Schwalbe Newark Grand Prix podium


Women – Round

  1. Robyn Clay (Pro-Noctis-Heidi Kjeldsen-200 Degrees Coffee)
  2. Emma Jeffers (DAS-Handsling)
  3. Isabel Darvill (Team Spectra Cannondale)

Women – Series

  1. Corinne Side (Pro-Noctis-Heidi Kjeldsen-200 Degrees Coffee)
  2. Jo Tindley (Pro-Noctis-Heidi Kjeldsen-200 Degrees Coffee)
  3. Isabel Darvill (Team Spectra Cannondale)

Final Series Team Standing

1Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee750
2DAS – Handsling Bikes 637
3Hutchinson – Brother UK354
4Team Boompods 278
5Alba Development Road Team264
6Loughborough Lightning190
7Team Spectra Cannondale187
8Shibden Hope Tech Apex187
9Brother UK – Orientation Marketing128
10Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon110
11AWOL OShea50
13Saint Piran32
14Tofauti Everyone Active28
15Wahoo – Le Col7

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