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About Us – Handsling Digital Publishing Ltd
BritishCycleSport.com and CycleTechReview.com are brought to you by Handsling Digital Publishing Ltd, a web publishing company which specialises in producing quality digital magazines for enthusiasts. Our websites attempt to explain how to get the best out of the technology and engineering that creates the quality modern products we use in the pursuit of our modern sports, hobbies and past-times.
We aim to give our enthusiast readers the information they need to make the right buying decisions based on fact not hearsay. And we do this using superb editorial content packaged in an inspirational design environment in order to best showcase the products we feature and motivate our readers.
When combined with the ideal online marketing solution, we can offer brands a great way to market to the opinion former’s and the enthusiast consumers to whom they aim to sell their products.
On the track (the velodrome) a handsling provides a ’helping hand up to speed’ for your team-mate in the Madison event. Within the verticals in which we operate, Handsling Digital Publishing Ltd offers brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers a ‘helping hand’ to connect to their consumers.
Handsling Digital Publishing Ltd have an irregular blog here at http://handsling.blogspot.com/ which follows the adventures of our racing team, Handsling Racing, and has the occasional comment on media topics.

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