Training Camp Preparation



Training Camp Preparation


If you are about to go on a spring training camp and escape the clutches of one of the coldest winters that we can remember, then you need to start planning and make sure you’re ready for it. Paul Mill of Elite Cycling takes you through the training camp basics…


It can be a very scary thing to step into the world of being a professional cyclist, even if just for a week. One of the most critical things to get right is to find a camp that offers the exact structure you require. A bit of research will make sure you get it right. Check out reviews of the camp as well as the organiser’s marketing. Volume may be your key objective for getting the most out of your camp, or you may decide that you want more emphasis placed on split day sessions. Extras like technique coaching, tuition in race specific training or even interval protocol may all be available but its best to make sure beforehand. Its important that you decide upon, and then choose, what is best for you… (continued on page 2)>



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