Wessex CycloCross League 12 – Christmas Cross


Wessex CycloCross League 12 – Christmas Cross 2013/14


Graham Robins/Wessex League


Wessex CycloCross League 12 – Christmas Cross


Round 12 of the Wessex CycloCross League was the Christmas Cross held on December 29 and promoted by Crabwood Cycling Club.




Jody Crawforth (Hargroves Cycles) was in scintillating form at the Southampton Sports Centre as he led from the front to take the win in the challenging conditions. The course soon cut up and made conditions slippery as the early morning hard frost gave way to a slushy surface.


Right from the start Jody pulled out a lead over Michael Cotty (Wheelbase Cannondale) with Jody’s team mates Stuart Bowers, Matt Macdonald and Matt Hargroves following along with Andy Hargroves (Felt Colbourne Hargroves RT) also in the mix on the first lap shake up.


Jody attacked the second lap and his lead at the end was 45secs over Cotty with Andy Hargroves a further 3secs behind. Bowers was at 1min 08secs. Next up was Matt Hargroves as Macdonald had a problem and pulled out. Chris Minter (PedalOn), Danny Bell (Ellmore Factory Racing) and James Cotty (I-RIDE.CO.UK) were all comfortably inside the top ten although they were all loosing time with three minutes covering the top eight riders.


By lap four Crawforth’s lead was hovering around one minute over Cotty with no other place changes taking place. It wasn’t until a couple of laps to go that Bowers managed to shake of Andy Hargroves and with nearly a minute between them the final order was sorted. The race order remained the same over laps six and seven and it was Jody who took the win by 2mins on the line.


Steve Davies (Hargroves Cycles) turned in a commanding race to win the combined vet/junior/women’s race from Sean Williams (Wightlink Offshore). Steve led the race from the start opening up a 34secs lead which turned into a minute forty seconds lead by lap two. Behind Williams was Keith Sheridan (Cotswold Veldrijden), Tim Hyde (GS Henley) and David Phillips (Cotswold Veldrijden).


While Davies was coasting around in the slippery conditions and Williams comfortable in second it was down the chasing pack to make up some time. Sheridan was nearly two minutes down on the leader and David Phillips was 2mins 30 behind. Next up was Pete Hutchinson (Cotswold Veldrijden) at 3mins 30 down.


These riders remained in their positions throughout the remainder of the race with the only two riders swapping places were Tim Costello (Southdown Velo) and Chris Hutchings (VC Venta) who seemed to be having a good tussle on their own until the ‘younger’ Venta rider managed to pull clear with a lap to go.


The youth race was won by Chris Rothwell (SCRA) although he made things difficult by coming off his bike three times on the tricky off camber corners once he had established his lead on lap two. Ed Gronbech (Oxford City RC) was the early leader and Elliot Lassiter (Cotswold Veldrijden) was a distant third after the opening laps. Charlie Cooper (Chapel Tri stars) was fourth, all be it a distant place and Angus Hawkins (PPV) fifth.


1st Jody Crawforth Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant/Next 8 laps 49 minutes 59 seconds
2nd Mike Cotty Wheelbase/Cannodale @ 2 minutes 00 seconds
3rd Stuart Bowers Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant/Next @ 2 minutes 28 seconds
4th Andy Hargroves Felt Colbourne / Hargroves Cycles @ 3 minutes 40 seconds
5th Matt Hargroves Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant/Next @ 6 minutes 15 seconds
6th Chris Minter Pedalon @ 7 minutes 20 seconds
7th Daniel Bell Ellmore Factory Racing @ 1 lap
8th James Cotty i-Ride ”
9th Karl Norfolk Pedalon ”
10th Matthew Taylor Pedalon ”
11th Oscar Hutchings VC Venta ”
12th James Brett Wightlink Offshore ”
13th Julian Mann VC Venta @ 2 laps
14th Phil Wilks Hargroves CC ”
15th Matthew Wakeford WyndiMillar ”
16th Paul Osbourne Unattached @ 3 laps
17th Richard Bennett Cotswold Veldrijden @ 4 laps


Under 12’s
1st Maddie Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles Race Time 12 minutes 28 seconds
2nd Anna Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles
3rd Jed Smithson Oxonian CC
4th Madeline Cooper Chaple Tri Stars
5th Max Meadwell Bournemouth Jubilee Whelers
6th Jemma Bowler Hillingdon Slip Streamers
7th Thomas Wadsworth Beeline Bicycles
8th Finn Hawkins Palmer Park Velo
9th Ben Fox Charlotville Rascals
10th Adam Potter i-Team
11th Jamie Tutt GS Europa
12th Amy Cantello Solent Pirates
13th Alexa Hawkins Palmer Park Velo
14th James Brown Palmer Park Velo
15th Felix Clacey Chaple Tri Stars
16th Boston Sorensen unnattached
17th Thomas Johnson Chaple Tri Stars
18th Jamie Whitcher Solent Pirates
19th Ethan Spiers unnattached @ 1 lap
20th Pascal Giret GS Henley
21st Melissa Cooper Chaple Tri Stars
22nd Poppy Pattinson Solent Pirates
23rd Jenny Oliver Palmer Park Velo
24th Oliver Hill Cotswold Veldrijden
25th Matthew Richman unnattached
26th Callum Robins Solent Pirates
27th Annabelle Cooke Chaple Tri Stars
28th George Mahon BCS Tri Club
29th Ellen Phillips Team Fatboy
30th William Dunn Thatcham
31st Lewis Jones Swindon RC


1st Chris Rothwell U16 Swindon Cycle Race Acadamy 5 laps 30 minutes 15 seconds
2nd Edward Gronbech U16 Oxford City RC @ 30 seconds
3rd Elliott Lassiter U16 Cotswold Veldrijden @ 3 minutes 03 seconds
4th Charlie Cooper U16 Chaple Tri Stars @ 4 minutes 03 seconds
5th Angus Hawkins U14 Palmer Park Velo @ 4 minutes 23 seconds
6th Erin Baker U14 Southdown Velo @ 5 minutes 00 seconds
7th Emily Wadsworth U16G Beeline Bicycles RT @ 5 minutes 25 seconds
8th Archie Scott U14 Cotswold Veldrijden @ 8 minutes 06 seconds
9th Alex Cross U16 Oakley Peddlers @ 1 lap
10th Alderney Baker U14G Southdown Velo ”
11th Loran Bowler U14G Hillingdon Slip Streamers ”
12th Rebecca Raybold U16G Poole Wheelers ”
13th Ieun Woods U14 Charlotville CC ”
14th Barney Clacey U14 Chaple Tri Stars ”
15th Sam Oliver U16 Palmer Park Velo ”
16th Abbie Manley U14G Chaple Tri Stars ”
17th Jay Allen U14 Palmer Park Velo ”
18th Rachel Thompson U14G Palmer Park Velo ”
19th Fletcher Adams U14 Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant/Next ”
20th Joseph Giret Novice GS Henley ”
21st Clave Cooke Novice unattached ”


Junior / Veteran / Women
1 Steve Davies Vet Hargroves Cycles/Specialized/Trant/Next 6 laps 38 minutes 20 seconds
2 Sean Williams Vet WightLink Offshore @ 2 minutes 00 seconds
3 Keith Sheridan Vet Cotswold Vandrijden @ 2 minutes 15 seconds
4 Tim Hyde Vet GS Henley @ 2 minutes 43 seconds
5 David Phillips Vet Cotswold Vandrijden @ 4 minutes 10 seconds
6 Pete Hutchinson Vet Cotswold Vandrijden @ 4 minutes 50 seconds
7 Tim Costello Vet Southdown Velo @ 5 minutes 34 seconds
8 Chris Hutchings Vet VC Venta @ 5 minutes 40 seconds
9 Pete Scott Vet Cotswold Vandrijden @ 6 minutes 20 seconds
10 Gary Barlow Vet Reading CC @ 6 minutes 50 seconds
11 Martyn Dymond Vet Wight Mountain @ 7 minutes 11 seconds
12 Rob Carter Vet VC Venta @ 7 minutes 58 seconds
13 Simon Meadwell Vet Bournemouth Jubilee @ 1 lap
14 Joseph Andrews Jun Fareham Wheelers ”
15 Anthony Dyment Vet North Hants RC ”
16 Jez Hart Vet Sotonia CC ”
17 Edward Gurney Vet VC Venta ”
18 Paul Thomas Vet VC Venta ”
19 Andre Posthuma Vet North Hants RC ”
20 Alan Collins Vet Portsmouth Northend CC ”
21 Richard Bremner Vet North Hants RC ”
22 Phil Clacy Vet Chapel Tri Stars ”
23 Kieran Woods Jun Charlotville CC ”
24 Harjinder Obhi Vet North Hants RC ”
25 Will Soloman Vet Bournemouth Jubilee ”
26 Dave Wrey Vet Oakley Pedlers ”
27 Rob Tutt Vet GS Europa ”
28 Tracey Cornell Wom North Hants RC ”
29 Jamie Pope Vet Hargroves CC ”
30 Geoff Booker Vet Oxonian CC ”
31 Jim Wood Vet Fareham Wheelers ”
32 Kim Lassiter Vet Cotswold Vandrijden ”
33 Mark Allen Vet Jay Pit Crew ”
34 Phill Chin Vet Fareham Wheelers ”
35 Dave Martin Vet Hargroves CC @ 2 laps
36 Lili McLean Wom Andover Whelers ”
37 Dave Jowett Vet Hargroves CC ”
38 David Wilkinson Vet BTA ”
39 Steve Cooke Vet Southampton Tri Club ”
40 Richard Bennett Vet Cotswold Vandrijden ”
41 Dan Tuley Jun Chapel Tri Stars ”
42 Zoe Sheehan Wom Cotswold Vandrijden ”
43 Mandy Scott Wom Cotswold Vandrijden @ 3 laps
44 Gary Evans Vet Crabwood CC ”


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