Imperial Winter Circuit Series 4


Imperial Winter Circuit Series 4 2013/14


Imperial RT/Dave Hayward


Round four of the Hillingdon Imperial Winter Circuit Series


The fourth round of the Imperial Winter Series held at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, West London on December 28.




A third win for Jake Martin by Dave Hayward 


The 15th year of the series and sponsored by Imperial RT’s new London cycle shop.


Saturday provided a fine respite from the previous week’s cold and rain with a fine clear day and little wind for the 4th round of the series.


This week saw the return of the Ladies GoRace event and as it doesn’t take a big field to make a race, the extra space and a bit more parity in abilities provided the chance for everyone to gain group racing experience. Despite a few attacks it came down to a long sprint starting on Doug’s climb which split the group with Patricia Keegan (London Dynamo) getting the better of Gemma Atkinson with Clarice Chung (Twickenham CC) in third place and Andrea Parish (Camel Valley) in fourth. Smiles and enjoyment pretty much all round! Hopefully we will see some of these riders in the E1234 event on New Year’s Day.


The 4th cat. race was notable for several lone attacks towards the end of the 40 minutes, from Chris Tomsett (Southampton Unit RC), Ollie Blagdon (High Wycombe CC) and Ewan Evans (Dorking CC) but in the end it came down to a mad dash for the line with David McNeill (London Dynamo), winning from Robert Seeley (Brixton CC) and another Dynamo, Graeme Weeks in 3rd place.


Steven Pellowe (Hounslow & District Wheelers) wins the Imperial Cycles random prize and can look forward to his bike seeing in the New Year in fine fettle!

The E123 race started when Jake Martin (Pedal Heaven) attacked off the line stringing the whole field out. A select chase group formed with Ben Sumner (Beeline RT), Graham Crow (Twickenham CC), Jerzy Kuzminski (High Wycombe), Rolandas Razgauskis (La Fuga), Josh Jones (Cambridge Uni CC), Phil Holloway (Southampton Wheelers) and Martin’s team mate


Rory Townsend but uncharacteristically it all came to a slightly bizarre sudden halt on the top bend before the finish with some riders tumbling and this disrupted the break with perhaps decisively Sumner failing to re-start.


Martin got going again very quickly and push hard but a reported nose bleed(?) caused him to slow and then recover; once he got up to speed again his lead extended to another convincing lone win, with the rest of the main group resigned to fight for second place. They weren’t giving up though and Crow, James Norris (High Wycombe CC) and Andy Lack (Kingston Wheelers) all stretched things out with James Leach (Imperial RT) and team mate George Kirkin pulling hard on the front in the finale, but in the final 200 metres it came down to a fierce sprint with Vince Halpern (Handsling) holding his form to just keep Kuzminski, Norris, Rory Townsend (Pedal Heaven) and Josh Jones (Cambridge University CC) at bay, taking valuable series points: it could all be down to Monica – no pressure!


The 3rd cats were edged out of the top 10 this week with Callum Oliver (Rapha Condor) taking max BC points followed by Duncan Rimmer (Morden CRC) and Ralph Keeler (Cambridge CC); all gained good series points.



1st w 29 Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT E 200
2nd w 8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 1 190
3rd w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 2 180
4th w 12 James Norris High Wycombe CC 2 170
5th w 15 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 2 160
6th w 6 Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 2 150
7th w 24 Jacek Reder Unattached 2 140
8th w 41 Dominic Gabellini Rapha Condor 2 130
9th w 27 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 2 120
10th w 20 Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 2 110
11th w 2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 2 100
12th w 40 Rolandas Razgauskis La Fuga 2 80
13th w 7 Phil Holloway southend wheelers 2 70
14th w 3 Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo 2
15th w 39 Graham Crow Twickenham cc 2
16th w 10 Michael Skipsey Tmg horizon 2
17th w 5 Neil Wass TMG Horizon Cycling Team 2


Cat 3s

1st y101 Callum Oliver Rapha Condor CC 3J 90
2nd y 54 Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC 3 60
3rd y 25 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 3 50
4th y103 Michael Coomber iCycle 3 40
5th y105 Ian Baynes TMG Horizon Cycling Team 3 30
6th y 52 Robin Basford Wyndymilla 3 20
7th y 20 Neil Heffernan Inverse – Cycling Components RT 3 10
8th y 97 Mike Brewer London Dynamo 3
9th y 2 Angelo Christides Unattached 3
10th y 66 Tom Sefton Palmer Park Velo RT A+disp
11th y102 Mike Sanders Unattached 3
12th y 56 Alvaro Alves Da Cunha Unattached 3
13th y 28 Kevin Argent Sigma Sport La Fuga 3
14th y 95 Alex Pettett Cadence Performance 3
15th y 87 Dan Moseley Prestige Velo Club 3
16th y 97 Mike Brewer London Dynamo 3
17th y100 Mike Knight VC Meudon 3
18th y 31 Justin Lord G.S. Henley 3
19th y107 Andy Lack Kingston Wheelers 3
20th y 68 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles 3
21st y106 George Kirkin Imperial Racing Team 3
22nd y 96 James Lyon Unattached 3
23rd y 92 James Leach Imperial Racing Team 3
24th y 4 Andrew Wright High Wycombe 3
25th y 82 Laura Cheesman Prestige Velo 3
26th y104 Will Sloper Cambridge Uni CC 3
27th y 74 Martin Porter Thames Velo 3
28th y108 James Bradley Twickenham CC 3


Cat 4s




Cat 4 finish by Dave Hayward


1st r 69 David McNeill London Dynamo 4
2nd r 95 Robert Seeley Brixton CC 4
3rd r130 Graeme Weeks London Dynamo 4
4th r 66 Harry Bunnell Kingston Wheelers 4
5th r135 Sam Alison Singular Cycles 4
6th r138 Amir Eshtehardi Finsbury Park CC 4
7th r 12 Adam Thompson Reading CC 4
8th r101 Robin Mould Velosport CC 4
9th r 15 Samuel Andrew Kingston Whls CC 4
10th r105 Chris Tomsett Southampton University RC 4
11th r 28 Steven Pellowe Hounslow District Wheelers 4
12th r 99 Markus Noe-Nordberg London Dynamo 4
13th r 47 Tim Childs Westerley CC 4
14th r132 Christopher Hezelgrave CC Hackney 4
15th r 92 Jon Overman 45 Road Club 4
16th r 18 Miles Rice hounslow wheelers 4
17th r 34 James Spackman London Dynamo 4
18th r133 Jan Marzec London Dynamo 4
19th r 46 Kurt Austin Cowley Road Condors 4
20th r102 Ewan Evans Dorking CC 4
21st r125 James Gray London Dynamo 4
22nd r 35 Akis Kollaros London Dynamo 4
23rd r 39 Alan Nixon Amersham RCC 4
24th r 76 Phil Barella Kingston Wheelers CC 4
25th r 57 Claude Autrey London Dynamo 4
26th r 32 Ben Nichol Amersham RCC 4
27th r 24 Clark Anderson Thames Velo 4
28th r139 Richard Moss WyndyMilla 4
29th r100 Huw Dymond Reading. CC 4
30th r123 Jon Smiles Kingston Wheelers 4
31st r 4 Philip Mosley Thames Velo 4
32nd r131 Shane Townsend Westerley CC 4
33rd r126 Ian Mcnally Westerley CC 4
34th r124 Hans Stiles Kingston wheelers CC 4
35th r 3 Andrew Deans GPM10 Cycling 4
36th r 11 James Rapinac London Dynamo 4
37th r 59 Massimo Saetta British Long 4
38th r120 Calvin Tucker Southgate CC 4
39th r 6 David Jack Loveman Verulam CC 4
40th r137 Richard Leslie Unattached 4
41st r119 John Bland London Dynamo 4
42nd r 67 Keith Loveman Verulam CC 4
43rd r 17 Andrew Goulding Hounslow & District Wlrs 4
44th r 74 Harriet Hollis Unattached 4w
45th r127 Alan Bruce Unattached 4
46th r122 David Trotter Lancaster CC 4
47th r 45 Ollie Blagden HWCC 4
48th r136 Samuel Dickinson Unattached 4




Women’s race action by Dave Hayward


Overall Series Leader Board
1st w 8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 710
2nd w 29 Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT 600
3rd w 20 Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 490
4th w 12 James Norris High Wycombe CC 480
5th w 6 Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 470
6th w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 450
7th w 15 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 370
8th w 7 Phil Holloway southend wheelers 310
9th w 16 Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands! 300
10th w 27 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 270
11th w 24 Jacek Reder Unattached 260
12th w 2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 240
13th w 18 Ben Sumner Beeline Bikes RT 200
14th w 38 Lawrence Carpenter Catford Equipe Banks 190
15th w 26 Dominic Clegg Redhill CC 180
16th w 36 Alexander King GPM10 Cycling 170
17th w 4 Adam Capes Finchley Racing Team 150
17th y 78 Ralph de Kanter Norwood Paragon CC 150
19th y 76 James Bradley Twickenham CC 140
20th w 41 Dominic Gabellini Rapha Condor 130
20th y 12 Simon Barnes London Dynamo 130


Overall Go-Race Series Leader Board
1st g 2 Clarice Chung Twickenham 170
2nd g 22 Patricia Keegan London Dynamo 100
3rd g 13 Sarah Odell Boom 100
4th g 23 Gem Atkinson unattached 90
5th g 9 Nasima Siddiqui WyndyMilla 90


Next race Wednesday 1st January – New Years Day


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