The Francais Vulpine Cycling Fete




The Francais Vulpine Cycling Fete


Words by Mark Tearle


July 2013


Jour de Fête: Those foxy cycling clothing brand people over at Vulpine return in 2013 with another summer cycling fete, The Francais Vulpine Cycling Fete, this time at a new venue La Cloche at The Lion, Teddington on the 14th July, which happens to be Bastille Day (Le Quatorze Juillet) and of course this year celebrating 100 years of Le Tour de France.


Vulpine Cycling Fete


What better excuse to create a nice poster with a French Flag on it and spend a day talking like Officer Crabtree from ‘Allo ‘Allo! submersed in all things cycling and bicycle culture?


This free to attend event, brought together in the same spirit as the great British Country Fete (though this year with a French twist) celebrates and brings together all aspects of cycling in a fun and friendly atmosphere and showcases some of the UK’s most interesting and unique entrepreneurs, brands and talented writers, graphic designers, artists and illustrators all with a focus on cycling. Add in bunting, cake, tea, coffee, beer, fine rustic French cuisine and ROLLAPALUZA spin-offs and you’ve got a nice day out for all the family.


Chief Renard Nick Hussey of Vulpine offers his thoughts on this year’s summer fete “I wanted to keep the fete fresh and not get too stuck with specifics. There’s so much to cover, in terms of areas and types of cycling. That said, I’ve been totally selfish and chosen a venue close to home because we’re so busy and its such hard work, ahem.”


He continues “Anyway, the venue is the most important first step to getting the right vibe, and I love The Lion and it’s cycling loving French owners. It seemed churlish not to do a Bastille Day theme, considering their big screens and the Tour de France, plus their awesome french wares.”


The Lion Pub Teddington


In addition to the fun of ROLLAPALUZA there’ll be frame building demonstrations from The Bicycle Academy and bike maintenance demonstrations from the London Bike Kitchen.


New this year is an edition of a Fete Newspaper, as Nick Hussey explains “We’re doing a newspaper for the fete, designed by some of the biggest names in UK design. Robert Millar has written a great piece on racing in the rain.” Nick goes on “I was overjoyed! I can’t wait for Sunday. I have my 20 cans of Red Bull read to go. Yum.”


So, if you’ve nothing else planned this weekend, grab your family and your little dog too and head on over to The Lion in Teddington and share the cycling love – don’t forget your stripy t-shirt and string of onions.


Full details and more information: The Francais Vulpine Fete



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