Tour de France Explained

Tour de France Explained




The Tour de France Explained


July 2013


We seem to have gone ‘art’ mad here on; today its animation and The Tour de France Explained…


Tour de France Explained


Do you really understand the Tour de France? Well, whether you answer yes or no, have a look at this excellent Tour de France Explained animated video by which explains everything that you might possibly want to know about the great race.


Tour de France Explained


Despite the animated athletes having a strange pedalling style, its a superb piece which we are sure you will enjoy; you’ll definitely come away with a much greater understanding of the Tour.


Tour de France Explained


It explains the history starting in 1903 in the head offices of L’Auto, the newspaper that founded the Tour de France, and ends with a Mankini wearing fan, jogging along holding a Kazakh flag, an all too realistic representation of the dedicated spectators of the worlds toughest race.


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  1. July 11, 2013

    […] Tour de France explained. If you were ever curious here’s a fantastic and informative animated video (thanks […]

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