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Katie-Anne Calton recently reviewed Handsling’s A1R0evo for our sister site, CycleTechReview. So we thought we’d send her a quick Q&A about her and her riding.

Katie-Anne Calton, thanks for taking some time out to answer some questions about your riding for us. Let’s start at the beginning:

How did you get in to cycling?

I got into cycling after watching the track racing at the 2016 Olympic games. I was in awe of the utter speed of the racing and it just looked really fun so I said “can I do that?” Within around five minuets my Mum had found out about my local club – Solent Pirates – and I went down to the first session and really enjoyed myself.

Katie-Anne Calton got into racing after watching the track events at the Olympics
Katie-Anne Calton got into racing after watching the track events at the Olympics

Did you/do you have a cycling hero?

From the first moments I can recall of being in the whole cycling world, I would say my heroes have always been Katie Archibald and Lotte Kopecky. I just love watching them race, I believe they have a racing style that is so clinical and is just memorising to watch. Then off the bike they always give really great interviews and are just great riders to watch and learn from.

How did you get into racing?

Well, my first ever ‘race’ was a TT at Thruxton Motor Circuit, but my first actual race, I think was the Calshot winter league (track). I used to do lots of sessions down at Calshot velodrome with the club, as I learnt to ride a track bike there. I loved just seeing how fast I could go and getting that adrenaline from going fast. Then someone informed me of the league there at the weekends and I signed up, went, and had loads of fun – especially when the boys got a little mad when they got beat by a girl!

Tackling the cobbles in Guildford

How did you find racing abroad?

Racing abroad was definitely a welcome experience and something that was majorly postponed for me because of COVID. The racing out in Europe is next level, it’s faster, more aggressive and more tactical than any of the races I have ever done in the UK.

“racing out in Europe is next level, it’s faster, more aggressive and more tactical”

Did you enjoy it?

I really loved every race and getting to learn more about myself as a rider -whether that be some new strengths or new things to work on.

What would you have changed? Tactics/training/kit

What would I have changed? Well, one of my issues this year has been fuelling right on the bike, but I seem to have got better at it now at the start of my winter block. I really focused on trying different things to see what works and doesn’t work, so it would’ve been nice if I had done that this time last year, but apart from that there isn’t too much else I would have changed.

Now that you have this season under your belt, what’s the plan for next year?

2024? Well, I’m looking to continue with the European race calendar and just learn and develop as a U23. Of course iI’ll be targeting track nationals at the start of the year, then move into a good early season road block before my A level exams. Then after my exams are over, looking to come back in mid June and hit the racing again.

What do you do when not riding, is there time for other pursuits?

It’s funny you have asked this because I have actually just started a new podcast with my old team mate Isla Easto, it is called What’s your favourite ride, could be a place, with a certain group or person?

Earlier this year, I went to Girona with the team for a week and it was the best riding I’ve ever done – even if it was a bit hilly! We got to use these Trek bikes fitted with mega-wide tyres, almost a gravel set up and got to go offroad as well as climb up and descend down 30km hills. The best part was undoubtably the cafĂ© stops! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I might be heading back again next year which I’m looking forward to a lot.

Katie-Anne Calton has been riding the Handsling A1R0evo
Katie-Anne Calton riding the Handsling A1R0evo she reviewed for CycleTechReview

Where would you like to ride?

That is a tough question, all though it is quite hilly, i would have to say Andorra. I feel the views and the pure vibe of the place will make up for all the climbing.

Favourite bit of kit?

Kit, easily would have to be a gilet. I don’t know what it is, but I just love a good gilet, you can not go wrong with one! They are so handy and just make every cycling outfit a 10/10.

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