Orica GreenEDGE Top 5 Tips for Looking Good




Orica GreenEDGE Top 5 Tips for Looking Good


April 2013


So you’ve got your bike and training sorted, entered your big event, what else do you need to do? Make sure you look the part. Check out these Top 5 tips from Orica GreenEDGE


While we aren’t suggesting you should rush out and buy an expensive matching outfit, unless you want to, these basic tips should see you looking the part. And although the video is tongue in cheek there are good reasons for turning up to your next event with the ‘Pro’ look.


It sends out a message to other riders that you are serious, in a race it can give you an edge over less experienced riders. They’ll take one look at your perfect attire and think “this guy’s good, he’s here to race.” Maybe that will translate to a moments hesitation, or giving you a little more room in the bunch.


Worst kitJust because it’s Pro doesn’t always mean it’s good!


If you’re in a sponsored team or club, then you owe it to the sponsor, who’s paid good money or given you a discount, to make sure you represent them well. Turning up with their jersey and someone else’s shorts will not go down well and may make them wonder if they’re getting value for money.


Also cycling is a beautiful sport! The bikes, the kit, the areas we ride in, why wouldn’t you want to look your best while indulging your passion? Getting dressed for your ride becomes a ritual, don’t just throw on whatever item smells the least!


As we said before this isn’t a case of going out and buying the most expensive kit you can find, just spend some time choosing items that look good together. Hopefully your team kit is eye catching in a good way and you’ll want to wear it. Read this article by one of our reviewers Tim Granshaw. After spending some time riding for teams in Italy, the home of cycling cool, he is happy to pass on some of their sartorial tips.


Looking good can also keep you safe. The Orica GreenEDGE riders point out that there is a proper way to wear your helmet. This isn’t just about looking good, as an improperly worn helmet isn’t going to provide you the protection it was designed to.



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