MyWhoosh Championship Race Results

After eight days of virtual racing, the MyWhoosh Championship has its winners of the $1,000,000 prize fund

How do you get more people riding on your virtual cycling platform? How about offering a $1 million prize for a race? Open it to all riders on your free-to-use app and see what happens: seems like a good idea. But who would actually do it? Step forward the MyWhoosh Championship.

MyWhoosh’s virtual world is free to use

Ok there wasn’t a single prize of $1 million, that was the size of the overall pot, but it got your attention right? And it was the largest prize pot in the history of e-sport cycling: so far. A field of 260 riders, split between men and women were not only competing for the overall win, but also team prizes, sprints and KoM/QoM awards.

Riders entered as teams from all over the world in four categories depending on their previous performance stats. They had to upload and verify their power files, previous performances and weights, all to ensure fair competition. Once in there was a wide spread of abilities and stories like Jacqui Giuliano making the top 10, just months after giving birth to twins! And in the Category 2 race 17-year old Cam Winfield, riding with his dad’s friends, rode flat out to take the under-23 prize. Rather less surprising was the elite men’s winner, Michael Vink of team UAE. After spending the early season riding WorldTour races he took the overall with six stages out of the seven.

Winner of the men’s MyWhoosh Championship Michael Vink

Overall winner of the men's MyWhoosh Championship Michael Vink

Vink said “The standard of competition was extremely high, and every race was a battle. I really had to dig deep to get some of those wins and am extremely proud of the effort that the UAE Clan Team and I sustained throughout the eight days. I hope MyWhoosh makes this a regular event – the rivalry, the teamwork, the strategies, and tactics all made for an incredible few days. I’d love to get the chance to do it all over again!”

Final results to be confirmed

The full results still have to go though the MyWhoosh verification process, which they say could take up to two weeks. The MyWhoosh team said of the event; “After months of preparation, it’s been a joy to watch the MyWhoosh Championship unfold. From the rigorous selection process, right through to the final Stage 8 sprint, we’ve been blown away by the hard work and dedication of these riders.  The tireless effort they have put into this racing has been heart-warming to watch – a true inspiration and a driving force to all of us at MyWhoosh.”

To view the winners of each stage and to learm more about MyWhoosh visit the website.

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