2023 Lincoln GP Race Preview

May 14th sees the 68th edition of the Lincoln GP crushing the cobbles of Lincoln’s Michaelgate

This year’s Lincoln GP is the first round of British Cycling’s Men’s National Road Series and the second for the Women’s Series. Riders will race on an eight mile lap that takes them up the infamous Michaelgate climb. Although “only” 0.2km long and 33 metres high, it has pitches of 20% along its 11% average. And remember the women will be tackling it eight times during their race while the men will go up it thirteen times.

The women’s field will number around 140 riders and will feature the top UK teams, all competing for the winner’s Cobblestone Trophy and a share of the £2400 prize fund. The men also compete for their own Cobbelstone Trophy and the same prize fund. The men’s race has a full field with reserves waiting to get a ride: it’s going to be busy up MIchaelgate!

The Men's Lincoln GP route map
The Men’s Lincoln GP route map

We’ve been following some of the teams in their previous races such as the ANEXO/CAMS Women’s CiCLE Classic, and the Finsbury Park CC Road Race. We’ve also reported on some of the teams’ continental exploits such as DAS-Handsling’s double victory in Belgium and teams heading to the Leidal-Koerse. This should lead to some aggressive racing, with the those riders that have already ridden on the cobbles maybe having an advantage up the Michaelgate?

Women’s Rider List

Number First NameSurnameTeam
1DaisyBarnesAlba Development Road Team
2SophieEneverAlba Development Road Team
3ArianneHollandAlba Development Road Team
4BethMaciverAlba Development Road Team
5EilidhShaw – U23Alba Development Road Team
6VictoriaSmithAlba Development Road Team
7AmeliaTyler – U23Alba Development Road Team
8EvieWhite – JRAlba Development Road Team
9CharlotteBroughtonAWOL OShea
10JessicaFinneyAWOL OShea
11MarineGuerinAWOL OShea
12KellyMurphyAWOL OShea
13FrancescaMorgans-SladerAWOL OShea
14MeganPanton – U23AWOL OShea
15MaddieWadsworth – U23AWOL OShea
16LibbySmithson – U23AWOL OShea
17AbigailCooper – U23Brother UK – Orientation Marketing
18LottyDawson – JRBrother UK – Orientation Marketing
19FreyaEccleston – JRBrother UK – Orientation Marketing
20HarrietEvansBrother UK – Orientation Marketing
21TuvaMauland – JRBrother UK – Orientation Marketing
22MillieJenkins – JRBrother UK – Orientation Marketing
23GeorgiaLancaster – JRBrother UK – Orientation Marketing
24LottaMansfield – U23Brother UK – Orientation Marketing
25MonicaGreenwoodDAS – Handsling Bikes
26EmmaJeffers – U23DAS – Handsling Bikes
27LucyLeeDAS – Handsling Bikes
28GraceLister – U23DAS – Handsling Bikes
29KatieScott – U23DAS – Handsling Bikes
30DanielleShrosbreeDAS – Handsling Bikes
31SammieStuartDAS – Handsling Bikes
32SophieThackrayDAS – Handsling Bikes
33MaddieHeywoodFTP – Fulfil The Potential – Racing
34OliveHollidayFTP – Fulfil The Potential – Racing
35ClareParkinFTP – Fulfil The Potential – Racing
36ElizabethSandersFTP – Fulfil The Potential – Racing
37SashaSmithFTP – Fulfil The Potential – Racing
38VivienneTomlinFTP – Fulfil The Potential – Racing
39RosieWaylandFTP – Fulfil The Potential – Racing
40SianBotteleyHutchinson – Brother UK
41JessieCarridgeHutchinson – Brother UK
42HarrietDoddHutchinson – Brother UK
43HeatherMayerHutchinson – Brother UK
44TamsinMillerHutchinson – Brother UK
45RuthShierHutchinson – Brother UK
46TiffanyKeepHutchinson – Brother UK
47LydiaWattsHutchinson – Brother UK
48SkyeDavidsonJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
49LauraDaviesJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
50KirstieDrakeford – U23Jadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
51BethHarley-JepsonJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
52MiriamJessettJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
53GraceNormanJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
54AbiPlowmanJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
55RebekahNashJadan Vive le Velo Glasdon
56PennyColloffLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
57AnouskaGreenawayLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
58RebeccaHairLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
59Marie-LouiseKertzmanLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
60ElineSmitLAKA Pedal Mafia RT
63LucyNeatham – U23LDN-Academy
65MadelaineLeech – U23Lifeplus – Wahoo
66KateRichardson – U23Lifeplus – Wahoo
67AprilTaceyLifeplus – Wahoo
68MatildaMcKibben – JRLiv Cycling Club – Halo Films
69NiamhMurphy – JRLiv Cycling Club – Halo Films
70AwenRoberts – JRLiv Cycling Club – Halo Films
71PhilippaDraper – U23Loughborough Lightning
72EvaCallinan – U23Loughborough Lightning
73FrancescaHallLoughborough Lightning
74AmberHardingLoughborough Lightning
75EmilyKayLoughborough Lightning
76RoisinLally – U23Loughborough Lightning
77AliceLethbridgeLoughborough Lightning
78AnyaTamplinLoughborough Lightning
79RobynClay – U23Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
80BexyDewPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
81LucyEllmore – U23Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
82AmyGornallPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
83ZoeLanghamPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
84CorinneSidePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
85MillieSkinnerPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
86JoTindleyPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
87EllaBarnwell – U23Saint Piran WRT
88HannahBayesSaint Piran WRT
89NicoleCoatesSaint Piran WRT
90RachelGallerSaint Piran WRT
91SophieHolmesSaint Piran WRT
92DanielleKhanSaint Piran WRT
93AnnamarieLippSaint Piran WRT
94RebeccaRichardsSaint Piran WRT
95AliceColling – JRShibden Hope Tech Apex
96CatFerguson – JRShibden Hope Tech Apex
97LucyGlover – JRShibden Hope Tech Apex
98IsabelMayes – JRShibden Hope Tech Apex
99FreyaWhiteside – JRShibden Hope Tech Apex
100ImogenWolff – JRShibden Hope Tech Apex
101EstherWong – JRShibden Hope Tech Apex
102OliviaFrenchStolenGoat Race Team
103LenaKaneStolenGoat Race Team
104LaurenO’BrienStolenGoat Race Team
105HannahFarranTeam Boompods
106JayatiHineTeam Boompods
107CharlotteHodgkins-ByrneTeam Boompods
108GemmaMitchellTeam Boompods
109SianMarshTeam Boompods
110EllenMcDermottTeam Boompods
111LaurenWatsonTeam Boompods
112MaryWilkinsonTeam Boompods
113XanCreesTeam Spectra Cannondale
114IsabelDarvillTeam Spectra Cannondale
115JosieKnightTeam Spectra Cannondale
116LucyBenezet Minns – JRTofauti Everyone Active
117AmeliaCebak – JRTofauti Everyone Active
118ElizabethMcKinnon – JRTofauti Everyone Active
119HollyRamsey – JRTofauti Everyone Active
120LowriRichards – JRTofauti Everyone Active
121MiaRutterford – JRTofauti Everyone Active
122AdeleBattersbyWahoo – Le Col
123AnastasiaBowlerWahoo – Le Col
124MayaBranfoot – U23Wahoo – Le Col
125LiziBrookeWahoo – Le Col
126VanessaFursdenWahoo – Le Col
127LaurenLanghamWahoo – Le Col
128FrancesOwenWahoo – Le Col
129KateMacLeodWahoo – Le Col
130JacquelineKinsey – U23AWOL Worx Galliard
131KimBaptistaAyr Roads Cycling Club
132AbbieManley – U23Black Vanilla
133CaitlinHarvey – JRCero – Cycle Division Racing Team
134IsabellaJohnson – U23INFLITE Femme
135GeorginaOakleyINFLITE Femme
136AliceSharpeIsrael – Premier Tech Development
137RubyOakes – JRJRC Interflon Race Team
138CeciliaHimeParadigm Cycles
140AnnabelRamsay – U23RFDA
141MadeleineNuttRibble Collective
142ErinAvill – U23Storey Racing
143JennyHollTekkerz CC
144AmyPerryman – U23Tekkerz CC
145MorvenYeoman – U23Torelli

Men’s Rider List

Number First NameSurnameTeam
1LukeLamperti – U23Trinity Racing
2RobertDonaldson – U23Trinity Racing
3DeanHarvey – U23Trinity Racing
4KevinMcCambridge – U23Trinity Racing
5CallumThornley – U23Trinity Racing
6JoePidcock – U23Trinity Racing
7Jose Manuel Gutierrez RevueltaBAI – Sicasal – Petro de Luanda
8GorkaSorarrain AgirrezabalaBAI – Sicasal – Petro de Luanda
9Mikel Mujika LarraiotzBAI – Sicasal – Petro de Luanda 
10CharlesPageBAI – Sicasal – Petro de Luanda 
11BenEtherington – U23BCC Race Team
12DanGalpin – U23BCC Race Team
13JacobGilkes – U23BCC Race Team
14JackHartley – U23BCC Race Team
15JoeCoukham – U23Cycling Sheffield
16JamesHartley – U23Cycling Sheffield
17JamesHawkins – U23Cycling Sheffield
18TaylorHill – U23Cycling Sheffield
19MaxKrasinski – U23Cycling Sheffield
20JamesMcKayCycling Sheffield
21GeorgeWood – U23Cycling Sheffield
22JamesWordsworth – U23Cycling Sheffield
23JoshHousleyDerby CC Webuycycle Huub RT
24AdamKenwayDerby CC Webuycycle Huub RT
25EwanMackie – U23Derby CC Webuycycle Huub RT
26MichaelChadwickEmbark Spirit BSS
27DamienClaytonEmbark Spirit BSS
28DanGardenerEmbark Spirit BSS
29JoeHillEmbark Spirit BSS
30GeorgeKimberEmbark Spirit BSS
31WillPerrettEmbark Spirit BSS
32DeanWatsonEmbark Spirit BSS
33JoeWilson – U23Embark Spirit BSS
34CaiDaviesKalas Motip Race Team
35SebastianGarryKalas Motip Race Team
36HarryGreenKalas Motip Race Team
37OliverHucksKalas Motip Race Team
38CameronMcLarenKalas Motip Race Team
39JosephReesKalas Motip Race Team
43JoshuaHorsfield – U23Ribble rechrg Race Team
44HugoLutz Atkinson – U23Ribble rechrg Race Team
45AlexanderMacRaeRibble rechrg Race Team
46SamAsker – U23Richardsons Trek DAS
47PeterCockerRichardsons Trek DAS
48JackCrookRichardsons Trek DAS
49JamesJenkinsRichardsons Trek DAS
50MattLord – U23Richardsons Trek DAS
51SeanMullenRichardsons Trek DAS
52AlexPetersRichardsons Trek DAS
53ConorMcGoldrickRichardsons Trek DAS
54MatthewEllisROKiT – SCRT
55DavidHird – U23ROKiT – SCRT
56ScottReddingROKiT – SCRT
57JoeBeckinsaleROKiT – SCRT
58WilliamTruelove – U23ROKiT – SCRT
59MatthewWarhurstROKiT – SCRT
60TomWilliams – U23ROKiT – SCRT
61JensonYoung – U23ROKiT – SCRT
62HarryBirchill – U23Saint Piran
63JoshCharlton – U23Saint Piran
64ZebKyffinSaint Piran
65WilliamRobertsSaint Piran
66AlexandarRichardsonSaint Piran
67JackRootkin-Gray – U23Saint Piran
68CharlieTanfieldSaint Piran
69WilliamTidballSaint Piran
70LanceChilds – U23TAAP Endura
71HenryLatimerTAAP Endura
72JamiePullen – U23TAAP Endura
73Harvey Stroh – U23TAAP Endura
74JoshKnowles – U23TAAP Endura
75AlexanderSpeirsTAAP Endura
76HarryMacfarlaneTAAP Endura
77JohnBullerTeam PB Performance
78JacquesCoates – U23Team PB Performance
79LiamFlannery – U23Team PB Performance
80GarethO NeillTeam PB Performance
81TomPalfrey – U23Team PB Performance
82GeorgePedenTeam PB Performance
83HarryPaveley – U23Team PB Performance
84JudeTaylorTeam PB Performance
85AlecBriggsTEKKERZ CC
87OlivierMangham – U23TEKKERZ CC
88BenjaminTuchner – U23TEKKERZ CC
89JacobVaughanTEKKERZ CC
90JamesBevantrainSharp Elite
91SamuelClark – U23trainSharp Elite
92OlliePeckovertrainSharp Elite
93ThomasMitchell – U23Dolan Ellesse Race Team
94TimTorrietrainSharp Elite
95MattWebstertrainSharp Elite
96BenBright – U23Wales Racing Academy
97HuwBuck Jones – U23Wales Racing Academy
98SpencerDavies – U23Wales Racing Academy
99GriffLewis – U23Wales Racing Academy
100FredMeredith – U23Wales Racing Academy
101EdMorganWales Racing Academy
102MatthewFox – U23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
103AaronKing – U23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
104CallumLaborde – U23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
105TimShoremanWheelbase CabTech Castelli
106ThomasArmstrongWheelbase CabTech Castelli
107PhilipLargeWold Top The Edge Pactimo
108DexterLeeming-Sykes – U23Wold Top The Edge Pactimo
109FreddyPettWold Top The Edge Pactimo
110JoshuaRavnWold Top The Edge Pactimo
111CavanWalkerWold Top The Edge Pactimo
112JamesBentleyA.Fawcett Racing
113RoryTownsendBlack Spoke Pro Cycling Academy
114AlexanderBosley – U23CC Plancoet
115AlistairSlaterClancy Briggs Cycling Academy
116TobiasBartlettDoddington Cycling Club
117TobyBarnesDolan Ellesse Race Team
118SamCulverwellDolan Ellesse Race Team
120StephenMaxwellForan CCC
121WilliamAbbott – U23INFLITE
123TristanGalloway – U23Le Col Race Team
124MonteGuerriniLe Col Race Team
125RowanBaker – U23London Dynamo
126BenGrangerMg.K VIS Colors for Peace VPM
127DanielMcDermottMoonglu Race Team
128BenPeaseMoonglu Race Team
129ThomasBatchelorOpen Collective
130GaryFreemanOrwell Velo
131AngusHawkins – U23Ride Revolution Coaching
132JosephLaverickRibble Collective
134FinnCrockettThe Cycling Academy
135OliverHurdleStolenGoat Racing Team
136CallumSladeStolenGoat Racing Team
137NicholasCooperSweden Cycling Academy
138RossBirrell – U23Team Inspired
139AndrewNicholsTeam Lifting Gear Products
140DanielBarnes – U23Team Spectra Cannondale
141TheodorObholzerTeam Spectra Cannondale
142OscarHutchingsTeam Tor 2000 Kalas
143CiaranMcSherry – U23The Cycling Academy
144EuanWoodliffe – U23The Cycling Academy
146JimBrownCross team Legendre
147DylanHumber-Kelly – U23unattached
149JosephSmith – U23unattached
151JoshuaAveryRide Revolution Coaching
152JonnyBrittonPrologue Racing Team
154JacobAvery – U23Ride Revolution Coaching
155WillThompson – U23A.Fawcett Racing
156DavidBollandArmy Cycling Union
157StevenJonesTeam Tor 2000 Kalas
158JoeShillabeer – U230503
159ReubenHeal – U23Team Tor 2000 Kalas
160JensonBrown – U23Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
161SeanDodsworthArmy Cycling Union
162JackLucas – U23A.Fawcett Racing
163BenMewesMoonglu Race Team
164JakeJacksonRose Race Team
165MattBaileyRide Revolution Coaching

This year sees Rapha continuing in their role as title sponsor since stepping in to save the race back in 2020. And stepping up as Presenting Sponsor is Wattbike. With Wattbike stepping in to help with sponsorship and Rapha upping their financial commitment, it looks like the Lincoln GP is safe.

Along with the main race on Sunday, ITP Events are running the Lincoln GP Sportive on the Saturday. This will give you a chance to tackle the closed-road climb of Michaelgate, just like the following day’s racers: without the accumulated fatigue! You can choose from three routes of 164, 99, or 56 kilometres. And once you’ve finished you could head over to the Rapha Archive Sale at the Blue Room. So that could be a whole weekend of riding your bike, watching others race theirs and buying cycling kit: is there a better way to spend a weekend? The women are off first at 0900, with the men at 1300.

Lincoln GP Sponsors

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