Live, Love, Ride – Cycling in Portugal

Live, Love, Ride – Cycling in Portugal



Live, Love, Ride – Cycling in Portugal


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Live Love Ride offer Bike tours in Portugal and can show you some of the fantastic riding that Portugal has to offer. Run by experienced cyclists, with extensive local knowledge and a love of their country, they will be showcasing just what Portugal has to offer for your next cycling holiday. Their first article for us at BritishCycleSport is a brief run down on what they think are three of Portugal’s best regions for cycling.


Portugal is a very geographically and culturally diverse country, especially when considering it’s size (92,212 km2). Some regions are characterised by warmer weather, beaches, rolling hills and oceanic views, like the Algarve or the Coastal Alentejo in the South. While other regions up north are hillier and more mountainous, but still rich and beautiful, like the Douro, Minho or near the Serra da Estrela mountain range, the highest point of the country at around 2000m.


These dramatic changes in landscape are often accompanied by changes in gastronomy, culture and lifestyle, which make for surprising rides in different regions. Since each region has its own, unique ride profile, the best option is just to ride and experience each and every one of them!


To make sure you choose the area that’s closest to your dreams, here’s a top three list of our own favourite regions for road cycling, where we at Live Love Ride love to take our guests: … Read More >



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