Riding the Wiggle Gold Rush CX Sportive



Riding the Wiggle Gold Rush CX Sportive


Paul Horta-Hopkins


I rode the Wiggle Gold Rush CX Sportive, a new event in the series for 2015


A new event added to The Cycle Event’s Organisation portfolio, the Wiggle Gold Rush CX Sportive took in some glorious back roads, lanes and even a couple of famous climbs. Heading west from Salisbury Race Course the route took in a lot of tarmac compared to their other routes, but don’t worry, a lot of it was dodgy back lane stuff that would have had you grimacing if you were riding your pride and joy.


Unusually for me I managed to turn up early for the Wiggle Gold Rush, which meant an unhurried preparation and a chance to look at what other riders were riding. According to the organisers the route was split between; 60% Road (mostly back lanes), 25% fast tracks (fire road/farm track), 10% bridleway and 5% singletrack (semi-technical off road). With this part of the country usually being (in my experience) under several inches of water, it was a wise move to include more tarmac. Nobody wants a horrible 75K slog through mud.


Looking around the car park I spotted the usual mix of cyclo-cross and mtb’s, but what always surprises me are the tourers! Most of the events I have ridden always have a few tucked away. Most have wider clearances and cantilever brakes, but there’s are always the odd one with side pull brakes and a set of mudgaurds. One day I’ll have to follow them around and see how they do…Read More



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