Wessex CycloCross League 13


Wessex CycloCross League 13 2013/14


Graham Robins


Round 13 of the Wessex CycloCross League


The Fareham Wheelers New Year’s Cross was round 13 of the Wessex CycloCross League held on January 5.




Matt Macdonald (Hargroves Cycles) overcame a last lap scare when with over half a lap to go his rear mech let go making him run to the pits for a spare bike, he had nearly a two minute lead when the mechanical happened and won the race by 16secs on the line to a hard charging Joe Hickerton.


The final round of the Wessex League was promoted by Fareham Wheelers CC and held in the superb setting of Fairthorne Manor just east of Southampton. The venue is normally used as a teaching venue for children to learn about the country side and is part of the YMCA. Early morning frost gave way to very slushy parkland and lots of muddy technical wooded sections which cut up throughout the day. In order to use as much of the venue as possible the club even constructed a bridge across the river on the lead up to the race. While heavy rain was forecast along with strong winds we race only had a light shower throughout the day.


At the start of the senior race it was James Cotty (i-ride.co.uk) who was making the early running as the course wound its way around the venue and onto the river crossing before entering the woods for the first time. A longish lap in soggy conditions soon split the bunch and by the end of the opening lap Macdonald had gained the lead and was clear by nearly 30secs. Chasing Matt was Joe Hickerton, Richard Lewis (CC Basingstoke), James Brett (Wightlink Offshore) and Karl Norfolk (Pedalon.co.uk).


Matt was making the best of the conditions and increasing his lead, and by the second lap he was over a minute clear of Hickerton and Cotty with Lewis another 20secs back. The remaining laps didn’t see any changes of position but Matt increased his lead to over two minutes.


Then on the bell lap disaster struck the Hargroves rider as on the second climb into the wooded section the rear mech let go forcing him to shoulder the bike to the pits. He now had Hickerton breathing down his neck as his large lead slipped away. Once on the spare bike Matt picked up the speed again and managed to hold on for the win by 16secs on the line. Joe Hickerton managed to break away from James Cotty finishing 20secs clear.


The combined vet/junior/women’s race was also not without its share of last lap problems as winner Sean Williams (Wightlink Offshore) lost all his front brakes forcing him to finish the race on his spare mountain bike. At the start of the race Sean was the quickest away along with Keith Sheridan (Cotswold Veldrijden), Tim Hyde (GS Henley), Robin Wilmott (Cotswold Veldrijden) and junior rider Joseph Andrews (Fareham Wheelers). Claire Smith (Cotswold Veldrijden) was the leading women on the opening laps.


On the second lap Williams led by 12secs from Sheridan with Tim Hyde, Graham Rogerson (Army CC) and Stuart Pickering (Cyclologic) with all riders fairly close together. It then started to rain and gaps started to appear once the course cut up and William lead increased to 30secs with Sheridan ahead of Rogerson by another 30secs. Wilmott was getting the better of the conditions to get past Pickering. The remainder of the top ten included junior rider Andrews, Hyde and a charging Tim Costello (Southdown Velo) who was picking off places as he climbed into the top places.


At the bell Williams led by 47secs from Sheridan with Pickering another minute down but he had Wilmott on his wheel closely followed by Rogerson. Sean had the time to take the spare bike and complete the race even managing to extend his lead over Sheridan. Wilmott got the better of Pickering to take third with Rogerson, Hyde, Andrews and Costello closing out the leader board. Claire Smith won the women’s race with Zoe Sheehan (Cotswold Veldrijden) the first junior girl.


Edward Gronbech (Oxford City RC) continued his good run of form by winning the youth race in a commanding pace as he set off quickly opening up a lead on the first lap of over a minute and a half over Charlie Cooper (Chapel Tri-Stars). Angus Hawkins (PPV) was third and in turn he had a lead of over a minute from Erin Baker (Southdown Velo). The young ladies race was led by Abbie Manley (Chapel Tri-Stars) from Alderney Baker (Southdown Velo) although the gap on the early laps was only a handful of seconds.


While Edward increased his lead at the front the minor places didn’t change just the time gaps increased, and at the finish he won by 2mins 44secs from Cooper. Abbie had a strong last lap and increased her lead over Alderney to 20secs and she finished sixth overall.


There was another large entry from the under twelve’s and they enjoyed splashing around in the mud and they all went hope happy with their ‘goody bags’ vowing to come back again.


1st 28 Matt MacDonald Hargroves Cycles CC S
2nd 3 Joe Hickerton N/A S
3rd 26 James Cotty i-ride.co.uk S
4th 18 Richard Lewis LC Basingstoke S
5th 17 Tom Treages Hargroves Cycles CC S
6th 6 Karl Norfolk Pedalon.co.uk S
7th 20 Adam Collins Cotswold Veldrijden S
8th 1 Jason Burkinshaw Blazing Saddles Cycles S
9th 5 Michael Miach Pretorius Bikes S
10th 25 Stuart Thompson Andover Wheelers S
11th 16 Chris Dobson Hargroves RT S
12th 14 Alex Forrester Hargroves RT S
13th 29 Phil Wilkes Hargroves Cycles CC S
14th 4 Nathan Marks N/A S at 1 lap
15th 2 Barry Harvey Blazing Saddles Cycles V40? at 1 lap
16th 12 James Brett Wightlink LCM S at 1 lap
17th 7 Darren Sell Sotonia CC S at 1 lap
18th 13 Joseph Andrews FWCC S at 1 lap
19th 24 David Belcuen Sotonia CC S at 1 lap
20th 15 Gordon Bushell Wight Mountain S at 1 lap
21st 21 Ashley Morris FWCC S at 1 lap
22nd 27 Darren Lewis Reading CC S at 1 lap
23rd 11 Peter Hailwood FWCC S at 2 laps
24th 30 Paul Osborne N/A S at 2 laps
DNF 23 Steve Kirk Sotonia CC S DNF at 3 laps
DNF 9 Matthew Wakeford Windy Millar S DNF at 2 laps


Women and Veteran/Junior Men
1st 36 Sean Williams Wightlink/ Offshore V40
2nd 20 Keith Sheridan Cotswold Veldrijden V40
3rd 25 Robin Wilmott Cotswold Veldrijden V40
4th 14 Stewart Pickering www.cyclelogic.co.uk V40
5th 18 Graham Rogerson Army Cycling Union V40
6th 11 Tim Hyde G.S.Henley V40
7th 102 Joseph Andrews FWCC JM
8th 41 Tim Costello Southdown Velo V50
9th 1 Gary Barlow Reading CC V40
10th 10 Chris Hutchins VC Venta V40
11th 5 Martyn Dymond WIGHT Mountain/ Red Funnel V50
12th 46 Pete Hutchinson Cotswold Veldrijden V40
13th 9 Craig Hay Dark Star Brewery V40
14th 105 Edward Gurnet VC Venta V40
15th 103 Anthony Dymront North Hampshire RC V50
16th 104 Alan Collins Portsmouth North End CC V40
17th 106 Robert Carter VC Venta V40
18th 24 Paul Thomas VC Venta V40
19th 44 Gareth Dridge Southdown Velo V40
20th 47 Mark Shephard Banjo Cycles V40
21st 8 Jez Hart Sotonia CC V40
22nd 19 Duncan Schwier Twickenham CC V50
23rd 15 James Pilgrim-Morris G.S.Henley V40
24th 45 Stewart Gough VC Venta V60
25th 101 Will Solomon BJW V40
26th 114 Andre Posthuma North Hampshire RC V40
27th 21 Claire Smith Cotswold Veldrijden W
28th 35 Robert Tutt G.S.Europa V40
29th 27 Kieran Woods Charlottesville CC JM at 1 lap
30th 43 Richard Bremmer North Hampshire RC V50 at 1 lap
31st 33 Phillip Clacy Chapel Tristars V40 at 1 lap
32nd 113 Alex Johnson N/A V40 at 1 lap
33rd 112 Shaun Smart Southdown Velo V40 at 1 lap
34th 108 Kim Cassiter Cotswold Veldrijden V40 at 1 lap
35th 42 Tracy Comell North Hampshire RC W at 1 lap
36th 16 Dean Prosser Hargroves Cycles CC V40 at 1 lap
37th 13 Harjinder Obhi North Hampshire RC V40 at 1 lap
38th 3 Geoffrey Booker Oxonian CC V50 at 1 lap
39th 107 Paul Banner Kingston Wheelers V50 at 1 lap
40th 6 Solveig Findley Twickenham CC W at 1 lap
41st 32 Harry Hailwood FWCC JM at 1 lap
42nd 89 John Phillips Sotonia CC V50 at 1 lap
43rd 49 Andy Tucker Newbury Road Club V40 at 1 lap
44th 110 David Wilkinson BTA V40 at 1 lap
45th 23 Andy Stevenson N/A V40 at 1 lap
46th 22 Andy Smith Cotswold Veldrijden V50 at 1 lap
47th 34 Mark Allen Jay’s Pit Crew V50 at 1 lap
48th 17 Murray Quiney Southdown Velo V50 at 1 lap
49th 109 Zoe Sheehan Cotswold Veldrijden JW at 1 lap
50th 30 Sly Jennings FWCC V40 at 1 lap
51st 38 Dave Sekington FWCC V40 at 1 lap
52nd 48 Dave Jowett Hargroves Cycles CC V50 at 1 lap
53rd 37 Steve Cook Southampton Tri Club V40 at 1 lap
54th 39 Mark Adams Hargroves Cycles CC V40 at 1 lap
55th 40 Stephen Roche FWCC V40 at 1 lap
56th 31 Angus Fileman FWCC V50 at 2 laps
57th 7 Joseph Giret G.S.Henley V50 at 2 laps
58th #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A #N/A
DNF 26 Martin Winter Twickenham CC V40 DNF at 5 laps
DNF 111 Phillip Chinn FWCC V40 DNF at 2 laps
DNF 2 Sean Bolton Swindon RC V40 DNF at 1 lap


1st 7 Edward Gronbech 57 Oxford City Road Club U16
2nd 10 Charlie Cooper 60 Chapel Tristars U16
3rd 2 Angus Hawkins 52 Palmer Park Velo RT U14
4th 13 Erin Baker 63 Southdown Velo U14
5th 4 Ieuan Woods 54 Charlotteville CC U14
6th 6 Abbie Manley 56 Chapel Tristars U14G
7th 12 Alderney Baker 62 Southdown Velo U14G
8th 9 Jay Allen 59 PPV U14
9th 1 Barney Clacy 51 Chapel Tristars U14
10th 16 Harry Dridge 66 Southdown Velo U14 at 1 lap
11th 3 Rebecca Hurst 53 Poole Wheelers U16G at 1 lap
12th 23 Lou Otway 66 (Orange) N/A N at 1 lap
13th 14 Fletcher Adams 64 Hargroves Cycles U14 at 1 lap
14th 19 Paul Frisby 62 (Orange) Southdown Velo N at 1 lap
15th 26 Patryk Ruck? 69 (Orange) N/A N at 1 lap
16th 24 Martin Pegler 67 (Orange) QECP Trail Collective N at 1 lap
17th 15 Rachel Thompson 65 PPV U14G at 1 lap
18th 11 Lucy Gadd 61 Poole Wheelers U14G at 1 lap
19th 18 Gordon Richardson 61 (Orange) PNECC N at 1 lap
20th 20 Jennifer Forrester 63 (Orange) N/A N at 1 lap
21st 8 Amy Perryman 58 Solent Pirates U14G at 1 lap
22nd 22 Ashley Winton 65 (Orange) N/A N at 1 lap
23rd 5 Natalie Moore 55 Swindon RC U14G at 1 lap
24th 25 Jonathan Plummer 68 (Orange) VC Venta N at 2 laps
25th 21 Charlotte Winton 64 (Orange) N/A N at 2 laps
DNF 17 Jon Taylor 60 (Orange) N/A N DNF at 3 laps


Under 12s
1st 5 Rowan Turner Poole Wheelers U12
2nd 35 Gabriel Banner Hillingdon Slipstreamers U12
3rd 1 Jed Smithson Oxonian CC U10
4th 23 Alexa Hawkins PPV U12G
5th 33 Madeleine Cooper Chapel Tristars U10G
6th 24 Finn Hawkins PPV U10
7th 16 Sam Graham NHRC U8
8th 9 Ben Fox Charlotteville Rascals U12
9th 7 Adam Potter iTeam U10
10th 17 Tyler Smith Cotswold Veldrijden U12
11th 6 Felix Clacy Chapel Tristars U10
12th 13 Poppy Pattinson SPYCC U12G
13th 11 Amy Canteld SPYCC U12G
14th 38 Eli Pickering One and All U8
15th 4 Ethan Spiers Thatcham U12
16th 19 Jamie Tutt G.S.Europa U12
17th 22 James Brown PPV U8
18th 14 Flynn Taylor SPYCC U12
19th 8 Pascal Giret G.S.Henley U10 at 1 lap
20th 34 Melissa Cooper Chapel Tristars U8G at 1 lap
21st 39 Callum Robins Solent Pirates U8 at 1 lap
22nd 26 Jamie Whitcher Solent Pirates U10 at 1 lap
23rd 10 Leo Sttrzakkr Solent Pirates U10 at 1 lap
24th 2 Niamh Murphy Cotswold Veldrijden U10G at 1 lap
25th 15 Freya Richardson PNECC U12G at 1 lap
26th 27 George Mahone BCS Tri U8 at 1 lap
27th 28 Alexander Winton BCS Tri U8 at 1 lap
28th 32 Annabelle Cooke Chapel Tristars U12G at 1 lap
29th 36 Isabella Cooke Solent Pirates U12G at 1 lap
30th 25 Elise Hawkins PPV U8G at 1 lap
31st 3 William Dunn Thatcham U12 at 1 lap
32nd 18 Ellen Phillips Team Fatboy U10G at 1 lap
33rd 37 Jonny Pickering One and All U10 at 1 lap
34th 40 Thomas Johnson Chapel Tristars U10 at 2 laps
35th 31 Douglas Forrester Toothill Hardriders U8 at 2 laps
36th 21 Zoe Nicholls Solent Pirates U8G at 2 laps
37th 12 Daisy Pattinson SPYCC U8G at 2 laps
DNF 20 Ben Nicholls Solent Pirates U8 DNF at 3 laps
DNF 29 Massie Winton BCS Tri U8G DNF at 2 laps
DNF 30 Billy Winton BCS Tri U8 DNF at 2 laps


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