Raleigh launches Tommy Godwin 205 Challenge


Raleigh launches Tommy Godwin 205 Challenge


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Ride a Tommy Goodwin Challenge of your own


Seventy five years ago Tommy Goodwin set the longest unbeaten record in cycling when he rode 75,065 miles in one calendar year, averaging a huge 205 miles per day.




To celebrate Raleigh have created the Tommy Godwin 205 Challenge, a challenge open to all cyclists to ride 205 miles in a day.


The Tommy Godwin 205 Challenge website features plenty of advice and tips : ‘Your contact points will hurt: That’s your hands, feet and bum. For me my feet were the most painful. In the summer my right foot started swelling up after 150 miles and was rubbing on my shoe.’ Said Raleigh’s Marketing Manager Ben Hillsdon.


The 205 Challenge website also has news and ride stories such as a Tommy Godwin 205 mile ride from Bath to London and back: “We met before dawn and after some last minute preparations we rolled out of Bath at 7:30am with a misty fog enveloping us” – Read more>


Raleigh suggest the following points for your Tommy Godwin Challenge ride:-


1. Decide whether to do your ride solo or in a group.
2. Plan your date, plan your route and make sure you have the equipment you need to complete the challenge safely.
3. Get in touch Raleigh on Twitter at @raleighbikes_uk and they’ll give you encouragement and support along the way.
4. Get a good night’s rest, have a decent breakfast and step into the pain locker!
5. Once your body is functioning again tell Raleigh about your rides at www.raleigh.co.uk/tommygodwin205 and you’ll be in with a chance of winning £205 of accessories each month.


Raleigh celebrated its 125th anniversary recently and many great riders have raced, toured, suffered and succeeded on one of their Heron Crested bikes. This is your opportunity to be part of Tommy’s and Raleigh’s sporting legacy, to be included on a ‘wall of fame’ and to tell your own story.


If you would like to follow in Tommy’s cycle tracks you can register at www.raleigh.co.uk/tommygodwin205 for the chance to win monthly prizes.




Raleigh Bicycles Website


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