Imperial Winter Circuit Series 9


Imperial Winter Circuit Series 9 2013/14


Imperial RT/Lucy Collins


Round nine of the Hillingdon Imperial Winter Circuit Series


The 9th round of the Imperial Winter Series held at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, West London on January 25 2014.




Vince Halpern wins the mass sprint to the line


An unseasonably warm day with a rising wind towards the end of the afternoon, a portent of the torrential storms that luckily arrived an hour after racing ended.


The 4th Cat race was very animated with many attacks from the start with Twickenham CC rider’s challenging London Dynamo for control. Early on Philip Shuttleworth, James Leech (London Dynamo) and Tim O’Rourke (Twickenham CC) forced the pace and O’Rourke active during the whole of the race, along with Leech and time triallist Nic Stagg (Hounslow & District). O’Rourke forced a break before Matt Thorne (Paul Milnes Cycles/Bradford Olympic RC) and Ben Nichol (Amersham RCC) moved forward at the bell but sprinting is for sprinters so Justin Slater won fairly comfortably from Dan Brocklebank (London Dynamo) and Jon Freeman with Thorne and Stagg in 4th and 5th. 3rd cat woman Jennifer Crouch of London Dynamo made the top ten with a fine 7th place.


Tim Marshall wins the Imperial Cycles random prize and still has time to get down to Imperial Cycles for a tune up in time for the final rounds of the series!


20 ladies started in the Go Race and there was a split almost immediately leaving a group of seven riders away and they raced together for the 30 minutes with Sally Stubbs (Imperial RT) sitting comfortably in the front group. Unfortunately on their final lap they became attached to the rear of the 4th Cat race but it is difficult to say if it had a bearing on the outcome. The first three were ahead by a few lengths with Hannah Cannell (VC Londres) winning from Catherine Zahra (Dulwich Paragon) and Lindsey Ackland (Zappi’s Racing Team) taking third place. With 1 round to go the first four riders are covered by 10 points, which will make for a tactical finale on 8 February.


Without the two dominant riders of the series, Jake Martin and Lawrence Carpenter, both still at their training camp and no obvious patron to follow the race took on an unfamiliar pattern. This encouraged Twickenham CC’s Alex Tinsley and Graham Crow, along with Mario Manelfi (Blazing Saddles) to move off the front. Tinsley moved off the front alone chased by Christ Tomsett (Southampton Uni RC) and Adam Thompson (Reading CC) but lost ground on the ramp up to the old finish. Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla) again determined to avoid a sprint, soloed away and held the lead for 3 km. Vince Halpern finally won a Winter series race holding off two very fast finishing juniors, SPEG Project 51 team mates Oliver Moors and Daniel Gardner, both half Halpern’s age! The first 3rd cats were Andy Colsell (High Wycombe CC), Furniss and James Bradley (Twickenham CC) in 8th, 9th and 10th respectively. Vince Halpern who is expected to become a father for the first time this Monday still holds the overall lead.




Place No. Club Series Points
1st w 8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 1 200
2nd w154 Oliver Moors SPEG – Project 51 2 190
3rd w153 Dan Gardner SPEG – Project 51 1J 180
4th w 12 James Norris High Wycombe CC 2 170
5th w 15 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven Colbornes RT 2 160
6th w 6 Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 2 150
7th w158 Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers CC 2
8th y144 Andy Colsell High Wycombe CC 3 140
9th y145 Henry Furniss WyndyMilla 3 130
10th y108 James Bradley Twickenham CC 3 120
11th y 25 ralph keeler Cambridge CC 3 110
12th w 39 Graham Crow Twickenham cc 2 100
13th w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 2 90
14th w 9 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC 2 80
15th y123 Peter Hitt VC Meudon 2 70
16th y 66 Tom Sefton Palmer Park Velo RT 3J 60
17th w 2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 2 50
18th y137 Jason Wood London Dynamo 3 40
19th y124 Will Houghton Hillingdon CC 3 30
20th y 52 Robin Basford Wyndymilla 3 20
21st y 20 Neil Heffernan Inverse – Cycling Components RT 3 10
22nd y 10 Andrew Lowe Team MK 3
23rd y147 Matthew Cryer Army Cycle Union 3
24th y148 simon potter WyndyMilla 3
25th w149 Andrew Marriott spirit race team 2
26th y102 mike saunders Unattached 3
27th y130 David McNeill London Dynamo 3
28th y 46 Riyadh Khamis Personal bike fit 4
29th w155 Donal Linehan Newbury Road Club 2
30th w 3 Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo 2
31st y133 Will Greig SW Rouleurs 3
32nd y 2 Angelo Christides Unattached 3
33rd w152 Mark Smith Welwyn Wheelers CC 2
34th y151 Robin Mould Velosport Racing Team 3
35th y 35 Graeme York Twickenham CC 3
36th y 28 Kevin Argent Sigma Sport La Fuga 3
37th y 56 alvaro alves da cunha Unattached 3
38th w 27 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 2
39th w157 Keira McVitty WyndyMilla 1w
40th y 45 Alistair Gurney Rapha Condor CC 3
41st y154 Ben Smith Welwyn Wheelers 3
42nd y 92 James Leach Imperial Racing Team 3
43rd y 21 Damien Lodge Imperial Racing Team 3
44th y121 Adam Thompson Reading CC 4
45th y146 Amritpal Virdi Norwood Paragon CC 3
46th y120 Chris Tomsett Southampton University RC 4
47th y 75 Darryl Green Inverse/Cycling-Components RT 3
48th w156 Dani Christmas SPEG – Project 51 2w
49th y 31 Justin Lord G.S. Henley 3
50th y 54 Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC 3
51st y149 Owen Barnes SRAM 3
52nd w 13 Rudie Marais La Fuga-Sigma Sport CC 2
53rd y 68 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles 3
54th y138 Russell Short London Dynamo 3
55th w 10 Michael Skipsey Tmg horizon 2
56th w 5 Neil Wass TMG Horizon Cycling Team 2
57th y 6 Mickael Metayer Thames Velo 3
58th y153 Andy Fowkes Thames Velo 3
59th y 38 Scott Shepherd London Dynamo 3
60th y150 Leo Tong The 5th Floor CC 3
61st y141 Kieran Woods Charlotteville CC 3


Cat 3s


1 Andy Colsen High Wycombe
2 Henry Furniss Wynda Milla
3 James Bradley Twickenham CC


Cat 4s




Justin Slater grabs the Cat 4 race


Place No. Club
1st r197 Justin Slater Unattached 4
2nd r204 Dan Brocklebank London Dynamo 4
3rd r158 Jon Freeman Unattached 4
4th r190 Matthew Thorne PaulMilnesCycles/BradfordOlympicRC 4
5th r193 Nic Stagg Hounslow & District Wlrs 4
6th r169 James Leech London Dynamo 4
7th r 62 Jennifer Crouch London Dynamo 3w
8th r181 Elwyn Powell Twickenham CC 4
9th r100 Huw Dymond Reading. CC 4
10th r201 Russell Hughes Army Cycling Union 4
11th r 32 Ben Nichol Amersham RCC 4
12th r 48 Andrew Weighill Unattached 4
13th r167 Bruce Baxter Unattached 4
14th r144 Ian Murray VC10 4
15th r203 Jake Phipps SW Rouleurs 4
16th r159 Alex Woods Unattached 4
17th r 39 Alan Nixon Amersham RCC 4
18th r 34 james spackman London Dynamo 4
19th r 28 Steven pellowe Hounslow District Wheelers 4
20th r 18 miles rice hounslow wheelers 4
21st r 50 Ed Everett Unattached 4
22nd r207 Ben Leach Unattached 4
23rd r 21 Nathan Sweeney London Dynamo 4
24th r134 christina stephenson Twickenham CC 4w
25th r 16 Anthony Middleton WyndyMilla 4
26th r139 Richard Moss WyndyMilla 4
27th r 38 Tim Marshall Unattached 4
28th r198 ian loades Team Dassi 4
29th r 40 Andy Brown Thames Velo 4
30th r 9 Robert Abbey Hemel Hempstead CC 4
31st r 43 Tom Herbert Kingston Wheelers 4
32nd r194 George Eyles Maidenhead & District CC 4
33rd r192 Ali Akhtar Unattached 4
34th r117 Tim O’Rourke Twickenham CC 4
35th r176 Ross Lindsay Unattached 4
36th r202 laurence Plant GS Henley 4
37th r131 Shane Townsend Westerley CC 4
38th r 47 Tim Childs Westerley CC 4
39th r 11 James RAPINAC London Dynamo 4
40th r 59 Massimo Saetta Kingston Wheelers 4
41st r126 Ian McNally Westerley CC 4
42nd r179 Michael Woodland Team Dassi 4
43rd r199 Philip Shuttleworth Unattached 4
44th r306 Alex Pierce Willesden Cycling Club 4
45th r120 Calvin Tucker Southgate CC 4
46th r195 Chloe Weller Norwood Paragon 4
47th r141 Eng-Jon Ong Charlotteville CC 4
48th r205 William Murphy Dulwich Paragon CC 4
49th r160 Richard Anderson Twickenham CC 4
50th r 6 David Jack Loveman Verulam CC 4J
51st r 8 Clarice Chung Twickenham 4
52nd r191 Steven Green Thames Velo 4
53rd r 67 Keith Loveman Verulam CC 4
54th r 17 Andrew Goulding Hounslow & District Wlrs 4
55th r168 James Gregory Wyndy Milla 4


Go Race Women

Place No. Club Series Points
1st g 38 Hannah Cannell VC Londres 4 100
2nd g 39 Catherine Zahra Dulwich Paragon 4 90
3rd g 44 Lindsey Ackland Zappi’s Racing Team 4 80
4th g 23 Gem Atkinson unattached N 70
5th g 46 Lucy Manning Dulwich Paragon CC 4 60
6th g 28 Anneke Prins Welwyn Wheelers CC N 50
7th g 14 Sally Stubbs Imperial Racing Team 4 40
8th g 9 Nasima Siddiqui WyndyMilla 4 30
9th g 41 Alice Jackson UCL CC N 20
10th g 47 Emma Derby UCL CC N 10
11th g 20 Polly Farrington unattached N
12th g 29 Harriet Hollis Imperial Racing Team 4
13th g 33 Sarah Cashman WyndyMilla N
14th g 43 Lise Richards Wyndymilla 4
15th g 45 Yoko Aoki RCCC N
16th g 42 Lucy Wright UCL CC N
17th g 49 Clara Jones Dulwich Paragon 4
18th g 48 Tamala McGee London Phoenix 4
19th g 30 Andrea Parish Camel Valley C&TC N
20th g 40 Judith Mulvihill Dulwich Paragon 4


Go-Race Leader Board
Place No. Club Series Points
1st g 2 Clarice Chung Twickenham 170
2nd g 9 Nasima Siddiqui WyndyMilla 170
3rd g 23 Gem Atkinson unattached 160
4th g 14 Sally Stubbs Imperial Racing Team 160
5th g 21 Christine Pout Verulam CC 140
6th g 8 Alexandra Hamilton Kingston Wheelers 120
7th g 38 Hannah Cannell VC Londres 100
7th g 22 Patricia Keegan London Dynamo 100
7th g 13 Sarah Odell Boom 100
7th g 34 Sasha Quarrington zappis ladies team 100


Series Leader Board after 9 rounds of 11 (Best of 9)
1st w 8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 1430
2nd w 6 Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 1100
3rd w 12 James Norris High Wycombe CC 1090
4th w 29 Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT 1000
5th w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 770
6th w 15 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 690
7th w 20 Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 650
8th w 38 Lawrence Carpenter Catford Equipe Banks 580
9th w 24 Jacek Reder Unattached 570
10th w 39 Graham Crow Twickenham cc 520
11th w 7 Phil Holloway southend wheelers 460
12th w 27 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 450
13th w 2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 420
14th y 76 James Bradley Twickenham CC 360
15th y145 Henry Furniss WyndyMilla 310
16th w 16 Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands! 300
16th w 44 Si Cox NFTO 300
18th y144 Andy Colsell High Wycombe CC 250
19th w 3 Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo 230
20th y 25 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 210
21st w 18 Ben Sumner Beeline Bikes RT 200
22nd w 41 Dominic Gabellini Rapha Condor 200
23rd w154 Oliver Moors SPEG – Project 51 190
24th y 62 Oliver Bates Welwyn wheelers 190
25th w153 Dan Gardner SPEG – Project 51 180
25th w 26 Dominic Clegg Redhill CC 180
27th w 34 Lee Desborough St Ives CC 180
28th w 9 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC 180
29th w 36 Alexander King GPM10 Cycling 170
29th y 19 Luke Merrilees WyndyMilla 170


Next Race (10 of 11)- Saturday 1st February 2014


The 15th year of the series and sponsored by Imperial RT’s new London cycle shop.


Imperial Winter Circuit Series 9 Gallery

Imperial Winter Circuit Series 9 Video


Imperial Winter Series Information


Imperial Cycles Workshop




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