Imperial Winter Circuit Series 10


Imperial Winter Circuit Series 10 2013/14


Imperial RT/Lucy Collins


Round ten of the Hillingdon Imperial Winter Circuit Series


The 10th round of the Imperial Winter Series held at Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, West London on February 1 2014.




Much pumping had to be done to clear the track of water


Torrential rain for much of the previous 24 hours provided a reasonably sized lake for the Imperial team to tackle first thing on Saturday morning. With 2 pumps and a few willing helpers the water slowly started to clear eventually causing only a slight delay to the start.


As soon as the race started the wind picked up resulting in splits in the field almost immediately, assisted by Ian Loades (Team Dassi) and David Ryan (Swindon RT) pulling very hard at the front. However, they were pulled back by some strong riding from Alberto Battaglia (Dulwich Paragon CC) and Elwyn Powell (Twickenham CC) but the conditions made it almost impossible to break clear, with both London Dynamo and Twickenham CC hacking the front and pushing forward, particularly with James Spackman and Rupert Baker positioning themselves at the front. Some excellent teamwork enabled Baker to move clear in the last 2 km, but from nowhere Patrick Brown surged and passed Baker with ease. He seemed surprised that he was first across the line to win with Baker taking second, also bemused, with Jason Braund of Imperial College in third.


Jason Braund (Imperial College CC) wins the Imperial Cycles random prize and can get down to Imperial Cycles for a tune up ready for a summer season of racing.


Another open race faced the E123 riders and although the wind had eased a little Jerzy Kuzminski (High Wycombe CC) and Graham Crow (Twickenham CC) forged ahead and strung the whole bunch out, many finding it too difficult to hang on. Crow was in good form and continued to lead from the front with Henry Furniss (WyndyMilla) also keen to press on with Josh Jones (Cambridge Uni CC), the latter solo for 2 km. Other riders tried – Josh Allen (Woolwich CC), overall contender James Norris (High Wycombe) and Phil Dempsey (Aprire Bicycles) but nothing was going to stick. In the latter stages Crow did break clear and slowly opened a gap of 15 seconds, and perhaps without the effort of Dempsey and Clive Nicholls (Team Zappi) he would have stayed away with the support of his Twickenham team mates who did their best to block, but were unable to prevent him being caught with just over a lap to go. The sprint for the line was intense and with a gusting headwind last week’s winner Vince Halpern (Handsling) had to give best to very strong High Wycombe team mates, with Jerzy Kuzminski just holding off Norris. Joshua Mitchell (Bicester Millenium) took a solid 4th place. Angelo Christides finished a fine 5th overall winning the 3rds with Tom Sefton (Didcot Phoenix CC) just holding off returning Andrew Rigg (Handsling Racing).


Next Saturday sees the final race of the series and the prize presentation followed by the ever popular Lucky Racer prizes – Saturday 8th February 2014


Place No. Club Series Points
1st w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 2 200
2nd w 12 James Norris High Wycombe CC 2 190
3rd w 8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 1 180
4th w 27 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 2 170
5th y 2 Angelo Christides Unattached 3 160
6th y 66 Tom Sefton Palmer Park Velo RT 3J 150
7th y155 Andrew Rigg Handsling Racing 3 140
8th w 2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 2 130
9th w 24 Jacek Reder Unattached 2 120
10th y108 James Bradley Twickenham CC 3 110
11th w 9 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC 2 100
12th y 7 Ewan Tuohy Catford CC Equipe Banks 3 90
13th y145 Henry Furniss WyndyMilla 3 80
14th y158 Lee Comerford London Dynamo 3 70
15th y168 Gavin Francis London Dynamo 3 60
16th y147 Matthew Cryer Army Cycle Union 3 50
17th y 25 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 3 40
18th y 16 Ian Phillips Army Cycling Union 3 30
19th y121 Adam Thompson Reading CC 3 20
20th y102 Mike Saunders Unattached 3 10
21st w 39 Graham Crow Twickenham cc 2
22nd y164 Ben Voller Twickenham CC 3
23rd y156 Kevin Chandler Watford Velo Sport 3
24th y 10 Andrew Lowe Team MK 3
25th y151 Robin Mould Velosport Racing Team 3
26th y160 Josh Allen Woolwich CC 3
27th w 10 Michael Skipsey Tmg horizon 2
28th w 11 Phil Dempsey Aprire Bicycles 1
29th y116 Chris Whitehouse Twickenham CC 3
30th y105 Ian Baynes TMG Horizon Cycling Team 3
31st y 23 Spencer Robinson Newbury RC 3
32nd y 56 Alvaro Alves Da Cunha Unattached 3
33rd y159 James Leech London Dynamo 3
34th y 38 Scott Shepherd London Dynamo 3
35th y 1 Bill Butterworth Twickenham CC 3
36th y 68 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles 3
37th w 5 Neil Wass TMG Horizon Cycling Team 2
38th y 52 Robin Basford Wyndymilla 3
39th y166 Leon Fielding Velosport RT 3
40th y 18 Nicole Oh Les Filles RT 2w
41st y167 Philip Pearson VC Revolution 3
42nd y141 Kieran Woods Charlotteville CC 3
43rd y161 Jack Miller woolwich cc 3
44th y136 Anna Marie Hughes Bike Pure-LeMond-Aspire Velotech 2


Cat 3s
1 Angelo Christides PM
2 Tom Sefton Didcot Phoenix
3 Andrew Rigg Handsling Racing


Cat 4s
1st r211 Patrick Brown Unattached 4
2nd r 61 Rupert Baker London Dynamo 4
3rd r 85 Jason Braund Imperial College CC 4
4th r138 Amir Eshtehardi Finsbury Park CC 4
5th r197 Justin Slater Unattached 4
6th r215 Dan Brocklebank London Dynamo 4
7th r 62 Jennifer Crouch London Dynamo 3w
8th r179 Michael Woodland Team Dassi 4
9th r198 Ian Loades Team Dassi 4
10th r 33 Sam Owen London Dynamo 4
11th r 50 Ed Everett Unattached 4
12th r 56 Steve Morgan Twickenham CC 4
13th r 26 John Bull London Dynamo 4
14th r 38 Tim Marshall Unattached 4
15th r185 Alberto Battaglia Dulwich paragon CC 4
16th r216 Paul Newman Southgate 4
17th r 34 James Spackman London Dynamo 4
18th r120 Calvin Tucker Southgate CC 4
19th r188 Phil Hutchinson Amersham RCC 4
20th r212 Nicholas Rowe Kingston Wheelers CC 4
21st r172 Stefano Dall’aglio Unattached 4
22nd r 47 Tim Childs Westerley CC 4
23rd r157 Jim Whewell London Dynamo 4
24th r111 Mark Stock Farnborough & Camberley CC 4
25th r209 Dan Charity Twickenham CC 4
26th r 40 Andy Brown Thames Velo 4
27th r141 Eng-Jon Ong Charlotteville CC 4
28th r 11 James Rapinac London Dynamo 4
29th r214 Sam Alison Singular Cycles 4
30th r 48 Andrew Weighill Amersham RCC 4
31st r307 Elwyn Powell Twickenham CC 4
32nd r 16 Anthony Middleton WyndyMilla 4
33rd r 39 Alan Nixon Amersham RCC 4
34th r176 Ross Lindsay Unattached 4
35th r210 Massimo Saetta Kingston Wheelers 4
36th r100 Huw Dymond Reading. CC 4
37th r309 Coley Brenan Unattached 4
38th r192 Ali Akhtar Unattached 4
39th r 3 Andrew Deans London Dynamo 4
40th r 44 Elizabeth Dunne Wyndy Milla 4w
41st r195 Chloe Weller Norwood Paragon 4w
42nd r 67 Keith Loveman Verulam CC 4
43rd r 6 David Jack Loveman Verulam CC 4J
44th r213 Nathan Wilson Kingston Wheelers 4
45th r 13 Sally Stubbs Imperial Racing Team 4w
46th r 74 Harriet Hollis Imperial Racing Team 4w
47th r217 Emma Van Dijkum Unattached 4w


Series Leader Board after 10 rounds (Best of 9)
1st w  8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 1610
2nd w 12 James Norris High Wycombe CC 1280
3rd w  6 Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 1100
4th w 29 Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT 1000
5th w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 970
6th w 15 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 690
7th w 24 Jacek Reder Unattached 690
8th w 20 Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 650
9th w 27 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 620
10th w 38 Lawrence Carpenter Catford Equipe Banks 580
11th w  2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 550
12th w 39 Graham Crow Twickenham cc 520
13th y 76 James Bradley Twickenham CC 470
14th w  7 Phil Holloway southend wheelers 460
15th y145 Henry Furniss WyndyMilla 390
16th w 16 Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands! 300
16th w 44 Si Cox NFTO 300
18th w  9 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC 280
19th y  2 Angelo Christides Unattached 270
20th y 25 Ralph Keeler Cambridge CC 250


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