10th Rutland Melton International CiCLE Classic


10th Rutland Melton International CiCLE Classic 2014


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10th Rutland Melton International CiCLE Classic – Sunday 27th April



The Rutland Melton International CiCLE Classic offers an unique road racing event in the UK and this elite, UCI 1.2 category race is modelled on the Belgian classics, in particular the character of the Tour of Flanders.



The Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic is raced on rough small roads over 179kms (previously 184 kms). The race provides one of the only opportunities for British road riders to test themselves against foreign competition on home soil.

The 2014 senior route announced this week involves a 179 kms course, 6 kms shorter than 2013, but will include the challenging climb of Cuckoo Hill approximately 25 kms before the finish, prior to the race entering Melton for its first passage of the finish line and the circuit of 15kms before returning to finish properly in Sherrard Street.


At this point, ‘survivors’ of the past nine years would descend into Melton via Burton Road, but for its 10th edition in 2014, the finishing circuit introduced for the first time last year has been reversed with the riders this year entering Melton via Saxby Road and ascending Burton Road before traversing the Sawgate Lane final ‘special’ rough road sector of the race.


Race Director Colin Clews, said: “Since its inception, the CiCLE Classic has gained a reputation for being one of the toughest one day races on the European International calendar, and the changes introduced for our special anniversary year are intended to raise this reputation even higher”


He continued: “With the addition of the extra climbs of Cuckoo Hill and Burton Road, the new routing also enables a much longer straight within Sherrard Street for the finishing sprint providing a more equal final sprint for the riders left in contention at that stage. Sadly, these changes mean that the race will forego its traditional passage of Whissendine this year, but it is possible that this will be reinstated in future years.”


Last year, riders from 27 different countries were represented in the race. This figure seems set to be surpassed for 2014 as there has already been much greater foreign interest.


Race organisers confirm teams from: Cult Energy-Vital Water (Denmark), Reitumu-Delfin (Latvia), CK Banska (Slovakia), and Start-Trigon (Paraguay.)


All are strong teams with the potential to win. Cult Energy (previously Glud & Marstrand) provided 2010 race winner Michael Berling, and in 2013 won two stages and held the race leaders jersey for a similar period at the Tour of Denmark against some of the world’s top teams, whilst Reitumu-Delfin fielded Tom Skeynes to a top 20 place in the Classic in 2013 before he went on to take 5th place in the World Championships Road Race for Under 23 riders, and Start-Trigon provided the 2013 King of the Hills winner in U.S. rider Manuel Calixto.


With the upcoming Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow later this year invitations to all the ‘home’ nations to field a team in the CiCLE Classic have also been sent and Scotland have already confirmed their intention to take part.


The addition of a Junior CiCLE to run alongside the Classic CiCLE race will further strengthen the programme of events and make it particularly spectator-friendly with racing going on between 9am and 3pm. In the same vein as the CiCLE classic, the junior event will also include rough sections and is intended to be a tough race.


The Junior race will start in Oakham town centre at 9am prior to the Classic at 11am and will finish at the same point while the international race circumnavigates Rutland Water, this British Cycling National junior Road Race series race will cover an entirely new course taking in five laps and 92 kms of a Market Overton, Thistleton and Edmondthorpe circuit with detours through Barrow on two occasions to maintain the character of the international race in including off-road sections in its course.


Clews explained, ‘ Since the CiCLE Classic established itself as Britain’s only single day international race we have always emphasised that our intention was to encourage other British races to follow us to that level. Finally in 2014 at least one race in the North East is taking that ‘plunge’ and we are delighted to see that. Now however, we wish to set new targets for others by showing that we should also be providing high quality races for our up and coming riders, so once again we are setting down markers for others to follow. For now though, our intention is clear, we want to help “create Britain’s future champions, Today!”


The race has attracted big names over the years: including Mark Cavendish, Peter Sagan, Ed Clancy and Eurosport commentator, Magnus Backstedt. Magnus rode in the 2012 edition which proved to be a tough year due to the weather conditions with only 22 finishing the race. This added to the glamour and pursuit of winning and has further strengthened its appeal internationally.


A British rider has been victorious at five of the nine meets; other winners have come from Ireland, Denmark, Australia and France. The current champion is Briton Ian Wilkinson and he is the only competitor to win it twice. He recently said via Twitter he was looking forward to the prospect of competing for a third win, now under new sponsors Team Raleigh (UK) : “Can’t wait for it”


There will be plenty of viewing points along the route and Rutland Cycling are organising free guided group cycle rides to the popular Owston hotspot from their store.


The day prior to the Classic the ever popular Rutland CiCLE Tour, all comers rides will once again be staged, starting and finishing at Normanton alongside Rutland Water. This year sponsored by Dare2b the rides expect to see well over 1200 taking part, including four times World Professional pursuit Champion Hugh Porter, who will resume his usual race compere role the following day.


10th Rutland Melton International CiCLE Classic website


Rutland-Melton sportif website



Expected Time Time delay Last riders Location Comments Distance covered Distance to go
11.00 Market Square, Oakham Ceremonial START – 0 km
11.03 De-restriction sign (30) > Stamford Deneutralised END – OFFICIAL START 0 km 179.1
11.05 Turn right at new roundabout,.> Uppingham,
11.12 Turn left > Manton
11.19 Edith Weston, turn left > Empingham
11.25 A606 Turn left > Empingham & Oakham
11.35 On approach to Oakham, first exit at new by-pass roundabout t> Uppingham 22.7 156.4
Continue for a further lap until new roundabout , where straight on >
5 mins OAKHAM
12.05 Oakham, turn right at mini roundabout on entry 45.4 133.7
12.06 Market Square, Oakham Oakham Wines ‘Hot spot’.Sprint 45.8 133.3
Straight on. CAUTION – level crossing 
Turn right > Barleythorpe, and at new roundabout straight on
12.10 A606 Langham, > Melton 50.0 75.9
12.14 Northfield Lane, turn left Caution narrow road 53.2 125.9
12.20 KoH 1 , Cold Overton Berg ▲ 56.2 122.9
12.21 Cold Overton, turn left > Langham 56.6 122.5
12.25 A606 Langham, turn left > Melton 59.8 119.3
12.30 Stygate Lane, turn left) > Pickwell ( sector 11) Caution narrow road 63.8 115.3
12.34 Pickwell, left > Somerby 66.7 112.4
Somerby Town End, straight on > Owston 67.7 111.4
12.40 At crossroads straight on, right into Coxes Lane > Owston Village, right at ‘T’ and bear right > Newbold > ( sector 10 )Newbold Caution narrow road 70.5 108.6
FEED zone
12.48 Burrough-on-Hill, bear left KoH 2 Burrough Berg ▲ 72.0 107.1
12.49 > Marefield Lane, turn left & left & left > Owston,
13.00. 6 mins OWSTON 80.4 98.7
left & right to Main Street, Middle Street, to Coxes Lane, left > Somerby ( sector 9 ) Manor Farm ,
Caution narrow and rough surface road ░
13.05 SOMERBY 83.0 96.1
Town End, straight on > Pickwell
13.08 Pickwell, turn right Stygate Lane ( sector 8 ) 84.0 95.1
13.13 6 mins A606, turn left > Melton 88.0 91.1
13.16 Crossroads turn left direction Leesthorpe & Pickwell 89.6 89.5
Before Pickwell Turn right > Burrough . Straight on bottom of hill 91.5 87.6
13.23 Burrough Lane > Moscow Farm, turn left and left again > Burrough 95.5 83.6
13.25 Burrough-on-Hill, turn right KoH 3 Burrough Berg ▲ 96.6 82.5
13.26 Marefield Lane, turn left, left & left > Owston 96.7 82.4
7 mins OWSTON 102..7 76.4
left & right to Main Street, Middle Street, to Coxes Lane, left > Somerby ( sector 7 ) Manor Farm ,
Caution narrow and rough surface road ░
SOMERBY 106.5 72.6
Pickwell, right Stygate Lane 107.5 71.6
7 mins A606, turn right 108.1 71.0
Northfield Lane, turn right > Caution narrow road
KoH 4 Cold Overton Berg ▲ 112.0 67.1
Cold Overton, right> Somerby
Turn left > Knossington 116..8 62.3


In further 300 mts right ‘Somerberg’ ( sector 6 ) Caution narrow and rough surface road ░ 117.1 62.0
13.53 Turn right on exit> Owston 119..3 59.8
13.55 At crossroads, straight on then right > Newbold\ Burrough-o-H (Sector 5 ) Newbold Manor
Caution narrow road, rough surface on entry ░ 120.1 59.0
Burrough-on-Hill, >,Marefield, left, > Owston KoH 5 Burrough Berg ▲ 123.0 56.1
8 mins OWSTON Manor Farm Feeds ‘Hot spot’
On exit left into Green Lane
14.05 Continue circuit for second lap. (Sector 4 ) Newbold Manor
Caution narrow road, rough surface on entry ░ 129..9 49.2
14.18 8 mins OWSTON Manor Farm Feeds ‘Hot spot’ 139..7 39.4
On exit right direction Knossington
T At first crossroads turn left ‘Somerberg’ ( sector 3 ) Caution narrow and rough surface road. ░ 140..5 38.6
14.26 RCC Recycling site, turn left, then left in 300 mts. 142..4 33.7
SOMERBY 145..5 33.6
14.32 Town End , turn right > Pickwell
14.35 Pickwell, turn right Stygate Lane ( sector 2 ) Caution narrow road 146.5 32.6
14.39 A606 At T junction turn left > Melton 149.4 29.7
14.43 Crossroads turn right > 150.8 28.3
14.44 At T junction at bottom hill, turn left > Melton 152..2 26.9
8 MINS In 100 mts immediately turn right onto Cuckoo Hill. ▲ Narrow road with passing points over top of climb 152.3 26.8
14.52 At T junction turn left > Stapleford CIRCUIT ENTRY Caution fast descent approaching corner 154.5 24.6
14.54 Stapleford Hall on right Narrow road with traffic calming passing places. 155.8 23.3
14.57 At T junction, turn sharp left, > Melton Caution narrow bridges and road with traffic calming ‘passing places’ 157.4 21.7
14.57 B676 ‘Self Store Centre’ on left. Continue straight on.
Saxby Road/ Thorpe End major junction. Turn left. Caution narrow entry on left turn 163.5 15.6
15.10 Sherrard Street First passage of FINISH line 163.9 15.2
Market Place turn sharp left in Burton Street 164.0 15.1
A606 Cross railway bridge and climb Burton Road ▲
Continue straight on > Burton Lazers
15.15 Turn left onto unclassified road. Sawgate Lane (sector 1)
Caution narrow and rough surface road ░ 165.9 13.2
At junction with metalled road go straight on > Stapleford Caution narrow road 166.4 12.7
15.20 At T junction turn left > Stapleford 169.9 9.2
Stapleford Hall on right Narrow road with traffic calming passing places. 171.2 7.9
15.26 At T junction, turn sharp left, > Melton Caution narrow bridges and road with traffic calming ‘passing places’ 172.6 6.5
B676 ‘Self Store Centre’ on left. Continue straight on.
15.34 Saxby Road/ Thorpe End major junction. Turn left. Caution narrow entry on left turn 178.7 0.4
15.35 Sherrard Street FINISH – outside Lloyds TSB 179.1 0.0


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