Gran Fondo Prosecco

Gran Fondo Prosecco


Gran Fondo Prosecco


After a long season in the saddle where do you see yourself at the end of September? If you answered “Italy”, then talk to 5034 Events…


The Gran Fondo Prosecco celebrates its 10th season and this year promises to be amazing. The event takes place in the home of Prosecco wine, Valdobbiadene, which is nestled in the foothills of the Dolomite’s and is blessed with stunning views. This event takes in two distances, circa 75k or 125k and you decide which is for you whilst you are riding. It’s probably the only event where they serve Prosecco wine at the last feed station – crazy eh, but only in Italy!


5034 Events have ten years plus experience of taking customers to Italy to events including the Gran Fondo Campagnolo, Gran Fondo Prosecco, Gran Fondo Pinarello, Giro D’Italia and week long training rides. With realitves in teh region the staff have excellent local knowledge and 5034 Events enjoy an excellent relationship with a local family run, bike friendly hotel, who have known the organiser since he was a little lad, riding a bike over there every other summer… (continued on page 2)>



Paul Horta-Hopkins

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