In the Wheel of Eddy Merckx




In the Wheel of Eddy Merckx


June 2013


With Paul having just ridden the Eddy Merckx 525 over at and dubbed it the most racey race bike he’s ever ridden, we’ve gone all sentimental over the legendary Belgian, and unearthed some authentic Merckx footage from yesteryear… or maybe its a video made to promote cycle tourism in Flanders.


Eddy Merckx Tribute


Either way its a bit of fun and promotes ‘In the wheel of Eddy Merckx’ which was launched by Tourism Flemish Brabant, Tourism Rupelstreek Vaartland and the Sportimonium Museum to celebrate the centenary of the Tour of Flanders.


The idea is that you can cycle through the history of the race via three local cycle routes. Once you’ve done that there’s the museum – the ‘Sportimonium‘ – which is one of the few museums in the world that is recognised by the IOC as an ‘Olympic Museum’, and hosts an interactive quiz and electronic guides to both cycling history and Eddy Merckx’s career.


Along with beer and chocolate, this sounds like the perfect excuse for a weekend field trip in Belgium. We’ll get Flanders veteran, Vince, to go over and check it out. Meanwhile enjoy the video!



You can get more information on the ‘In the Wheel of Eddy Merckx’ website.




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