Winter Riding Tips from Sir Chris Hoy




Winter Riding Tips from Sir Chris Hoy and Evans Cycles


April 2013


Sir Chris Hoy may be associated with the heat of the indoor Velodrome but his program includes a lot of road work and as a Scotsmen he knows all about riding in all sorts of weather. With all of the poor weather we have had to endure in the UK recently, despite this officially being Spring, it seemed appropriate to republish this article…


Ahead of the launch of his new bike range in conjunction with Evans Cycles, Sir Chris has produced this excellent little video to offer his advice on winter training.


Here’s the Evans team’s summation of Sir Chris’ tips:


– Invest in kit that keeps you warm and dry as you will ride more, enjoy that riding more and, as training can have a negative effect on the immune system, are less likely to come down with a cold or the flu.


– Keep your shoes dry by keeping some newspaper right next to the door so you can pack it into your shoes and put them somewhere warm to dry out quickly for your next session.


– Keep your bike free of salt and grit by getting a bucket and cleaning equipment ready before you go for a ride. By immediately cleaning the bike on your return, whilst you’re still in your kit, it will seem less hassle.


– Be sensible; if there is ice on the roads, use the turbo.


– Keep your focus by ticking off each session as you do it. Don’t wait until its sunny to get your training in. If a ride is scheduled, get out there, as every day counts.


Now hear from the man himself…



Evans Winter Clothing


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