Roller Skills




Roller Skills


April 2013


Just look what Sven Nys has started by goofing around and showing off his roller skills…


Foul weather was the order of the day at the CX World Championships earlier this year in Louisville, USA; bad enough that even the Belgians decided to stay indoors on the rollers.


However, when you ride the rollers a lot, like these cyclo-cross pros, and a camera from turns up, you gotta show your skills!


Sven Nys showed his with the picking up a water bottle from the floor trick, whilst Bart Wellens and Rob Peeters watched on.


Nys Roller Tricks


You can enjoy these antics by the Belgian team, sheltering from the crap weather at the World CX Champs in the USA, here on


This video has sparked a bit of a copycat craze. A group of riders from started posting Facebook videos to challenge each other including similarly picking up a bottle from the floor; riding with no hands, using just one foot; mounting the rollers whilst rolling along; riding with no hands whilst blindfolded; riding backwards; bunny hopping on and off the rollers; a superman bike plank (think Freestyle moto-x here); and unicycling on the rollers.



And that then reminded us of this YouTube classic…



So now we want to see your roller skills. Upload to YouTube or Vimeo and send us the link and we’ll make you famous…


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