Motorcycle rear ends cyclist

Motorcycle rear ends cyclist




Motorcycle Rear Ends Cyclist


May 2013


Whereas the width of some roads might cause issues with cars, you would have thought that there was always enough room for both motorbikes and bicycles on the same piece of road wouldn’t you? We’ve never heard of this before, never mind expected to see it on video, but here unbelievably it is: a motorcycle rear ends a cyclist…


The motorcycle rider, who stubs his toe whilst cornering, crashes straight into a cyclist despite there being an otherwise open road, for no apparent reason other than a complete lack of skill and bike handling. Not only that but he then carries his victim along and into another cyclist!


Up until recently the motorcycle market was on a real boom, fueled by older riders rediscovering their youth by going out and buying ridiculously powerful bikes, even though they hadn’t ridden a motorbike in 20 years or so. However, as this shows perhaps their skill levels don’t always match up to their machines capabilities…


We’d like to say there’s something we could all learn from this that might make us safer whilst cycling out on the roads, but there’s nothing these cyclists could have done. Fortunately for the rest of us, a lot of those same people who were buying motorbikes are now seeking a healthier lifestyle and improved fitness, and are now going out and buying expensive bicycles instead…



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