Motivation to Ride




Motivation to Ride


April 2013


Cycling is a hard sport. Whilst you could argue that the actual sport is similar in intensity to other fitness based sports, what makes cycling hard is that to do well at it you are required to train alone in crap weather on the open road.


It takes a special kind of person to pursue cycling as a sport never mind actually do well at it. We all need a bit of motivation to ride now and again.


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Whatever you think about some of the cyclists featured in this great little motivation to ride video by Eric Anderson (known as @m0tion on Twitter), the message is pretty familiar to many of us who drag ourselves out of bed at ridiculous hours of the day or skip dinner to pursue our passion.


Fullscreen capture 11042013 150424.bmp


If you want to be good at cycling you need motivation to ride, to get out there and just do it. There are no shortcuts and its not comfortable but the rewards are pretty good.


Even if those rewards are just very personal achievements and not acclaimed public victories, we all share the suffering and sense of personal satisfaction that comes with doing your best on the bike.


Fullscreen capture 11042013 150317.bmp


Training tomorrow? Be inspired and have a look at this. Motivation to ride. Thanks @m0tion!



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