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Cyclocross Technique Videos


September 2013


A few of you may be starting out in the mind boggling world of cyclo-cross. On the face of it its fairly simple – ride a bike around a muddy field as fast as you can. In reality though its a complex matrix of equipment choices, such as tyre types, tyre pressures, correct clothing and so on, and technique, especially as you’ll be dismounting and remounting the bike constantly, having to deal with mud, sand and water, and riding slippery off-camber bends. For seasoned racers its all part of the fun. For beginners it can be intimidating to say the least.


There are so many good reasons to race cross, just see Tim Granshaw’s excellent ‘Why race cross?’ article here for a few, and in an attempt to make things easier we are gathering together a few videos from YouTube that might give you the confidence to go ahead and give it a try.


So here goes with the first of our series of Cyclocross Technique Videos… This is a great video for anyone wanting to ride cross. Former US champ, Todd Wells covers a lot of ground here and imparts some sound advice, so its a great video to watch as an introduction to riding cyclocross.



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  1. October 15, 2013

    […] in this next video, which features Todd Wells who took us through the basics in our first cyclocross training video, you can see how long it can take for you to recover if you do get it […]

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