Art of cycling FI

The Art of Cycling




The Art of Cycling


July 2013


Greig Leach is an ‘artist, cyclist and an artist of cycling’. At present he is an artist of the Tour de France.


Greig’s work may not be written or typed, photographed or videoed, yet when he paints the happenings of the major races in cycling, he provides a unique record of our sport. Obviously, like all of us, he is currently engrossed in the Tour de France.


Greig Leach the art of cycling


We first came across Greig on Google+. His work has fascinated us throughout the season and in particular the Giro, which he painted everyday. Here’s some examples of his work from this year’s Tour de France:


“Its all about the team” – the Stage 4 Team Time Trial:


It's About the Team


“Throwing at the line” – Gerrans gets the best of Sagan on Stage 3.


Throwing At the Line


Greig describes himself as ‘a well established artist with an extensive exhibition resume throughout the eastern United States’. His work appears in many public, corporate and private collections in the USA and Europe.


As a cycling fan and ex-racer, it is only natural that he should express his love of cycling through his art.


“Waiting for the flag to drop” – the start of Stage 3

Waiting for the Flag to Drop


“Surprise!” – Bakelants is ecstatic as he takes Stage 2 ahead of a fast finishing Sagan.




“Little Tommy Voeckler” – Voeckler goes off on one of his trade mark attacks.


Little Tommy Voeckler


You can see his non-cycling art at or on Facebook at


You can actually own a bit of Greig’s work by bidding via this link on e-bay.


The Art of Cycling


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