Imperial Winter Circuit Series 3 2013/14


Imperial Winter Circuit Series 3 2013/14


Imperial RT/British Cycle Sport


Round three of the Hillingdon Imperial Winter Circuit Series


The third round of the Imperial Winter Series held at a very, very, very wet and dark Hillingdon Cycle Circuit, West London on December 21.


The 15th year of the series and sponsored by Imperial RT’s new London cycle shop.




Another dominant performance by Jake Martin (L) as he lapped the E/1/2/3 field once again. Pictured with Lawrence Carpenter (R) who jumped away to claim second in the last laps.


After the relative calm weather over the last 2 weeks Saturday was a return to typical Winter series conditions – rain and a strong head wind up the finishing straight. If your race strategy involved hanging in the group then you were probably going to be found out!


The 4th cats resolved to ride well again and their race was mostly attritional with a few early hard laps thinning out the field with the wind doing the rest. Imperial’s Richard Llewellyn looked strong but it was going to be near impossible to break away with any effect. The sprint was well fought out with the win taken by Tim Lynch (Velo Club Dulwich College) with Tim O’Rourke (Twickenham CC) and Richard Llewellyn (Imperial Racing Team) in third.
James Spackman (London Dynamo) wins the Imperial Cycles random prize (28th place) and can look forward to his bike seeing in the New Year in fine fettle!


It seemed unlikely that Jake Martin (Pedal Heaven RT) could repeat his win of the previous weekend and certainly not in the same fashion. However, this he did with a show of power that decimated the field in the first few laps, going on to lap everyone including the strong group of riders who had persisted and eased away from the peloton.


This latter break was initiated by a returning Alexander King (GPM10 Cycling) and gradually formed into a group including Phil Holloway (Southend Wheelers), series contender Vince Halpern (Handsling Racing), Josh Jones (Cambridge Uni CC), Stuart Hayes (Imperial Racing Team) and Lawrence Carpenter (Catford Equipe Banks).


Whilst Martin steadily pulled away this group cemented their lead with only Carpenter able to break away in the remaining laps to finish on his own in a solid 2nd place. Halpern won from the group to take 3rd by a hair from King and gain some good points overall with Jerzy Kuzminski (High Wycombe) in 5th.


The top three places in the 3rds all came from this group with Ralph De Kanter (Norwood Paragon) taking maximum points and 6th overall closely followed by James Bradley (Twickenham CC) and another 3rd for Imperial Racing Team with Stuart Hayes thoroughly enjoying a race that he could compete in.






Vince Halpern wins the sprint for third


1st w 29 Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT E 200
2nd w 38 Lawrence Carpenter Catford Equipe Banks 1 190
3rd w 8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 1 180
4th w 36 Alexander King GPM10 Cycling 2 170
5th w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 2 160
6th w 6 Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 2 130
7th w 7 Phil Holloway southend wheelers 2 110
8th w 34 Lee Desborough St Ives CC 2 100
9th w 35 Jamie Caldwell Starley-Primal E 90
10th w 20 Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 2 80
11th w 9 Alex Tinsley Twickenham CC 2 70
12th w 37 Declan Higgins VC St Raphael 2 60
13th w 3 Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo 2
14th w 2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 2


3rd cats
The lead two placed in the chase group of the combined E/1/2/3 race.


1st y 78 Ralph de Kanter Norwood Paragon CC 3 150
2nd y 76 James Bradley Twickenham CC 3 140
3rd y 24 Stuart Hayes Imperial Racing Team 3 120
4th y 71 Jordan Mooney Welwyn Wheelers 3 50
5th y 7 Ewan Tuohy Catford CC Equipe Banks 3 40
6th y 85 Laurence Manning Thames Velo 3 30
7th y 66 Tom Sefton Palmer Park Velo RT A+disp 20
8th y 54 Duncan Rimmer Morden CRC 3 10
9th y 25 ralph keeler Cambridge CC 3
10th y 89 Chris Yates East Grinstead CC 3
11th y 84 Neil J Fraser Stevenage cc 3
12th y 90 James Archibald GS Henley 3
13th y 52 Robin Basford Wyndymilla 3
14th y 87 Dan Moseley Prestige Velo Club 3
15th y 83 Sebastian Kroll Stevenage CC 3
16th y 56 alvaro alves da cunha Unattached 3
17th y 68 Mario Manelfi Blazing Saddles 3
18th y 73 Sean Sumner St Ives CC 3
19th y 92 James Leach Imperial Racing Team 3
20th y 20 Neil Heffernan Inverse – Cycling Components RT 3
21st y 21 Damien Lodge Vedett Racing Team 3


4th cats




Tim Lynch attacked out of the final corner to gain a winning gap.


4th cat race
1st r108 Tim Lynch Velo Club Dulwich College 4
2nd r117 Tim O’Rourke Twickenham CC 4
3rd r 97 Richard Llewellyn Imperial Racing Team 4
4th r 95 Robert Seeley Brixton CC 4
5th r 81 Andy Taylor London Dynamo 4
6th r103 Henry Charrington London Dynamo 4
7th r101 Robin Mould Velosport CC 4
8th r 12 Adam Thompson Reading CC 4
9th r 56 Steve Morgan Twickenham CC 4
10th r105 Chris Tomsett Southampton University RC 4
11th r 98 Nick Davis Kingston Whls CC 4
12th r 77 Jon Saunders Charlotteville CC 4
13th r114 Ben Skelton London Dynamo 4
14th r 51 Daren Austin Twickenham CC 4
15th r113 Roy Wouters London Dynamo 4
16th r118 Jesse Baines Unattached 4
17th r115 Hisayo Kaneko Boom Cycle CC 4
18th r 26 John Bull London Dynamo 4
19th r 24 Clark Anderson Thames Velo 4
20th r102 Ewan Evans Dorking CC 4
21st r 47 Tim Childs Westerley CC 4
22nd r 19 Roland Fejfar London Dynamo 4
23rd r 35 Akis Kollaros London Dynamo 4
24th r 93 Robert Mosley Thames Velo 4
25th r 66 Harry Bunnell Kingston Wheelers 4
26th r 40 Andy Brown Thames Velo 4
27th r 15 Samuel Andrew Kingston Whls CC 4
28th r 34 James Spackman London Dynamo 4
29th r106 Christophe De Belder VC10 4
30th r 9 Robert Abbey Hemel Hempstead CC 4
Lapped riders
31st r111 Mark Stock Farnborough & Camberley CC 4
31st r 37 Jorge Alberzoni London Dynamo 4
31st r 74 Harriet Hollis Unattached 4w
31st r 17 Andrew Goulding Hounslow & District Wlrs 4
31st r116 Darrelle Parker Boom Cycle CC 4
31st r107 Arnav Kapur VCDC 4
31st r 43 Tom Herbert Kingston Wheelers 4
31st r110 Max Sahota Newmarket cycling & triathlon club 4
31st r100 Huw Dymond Reading. CC 4


Overall Series Points
1st w 8 Vincent Halpern Handsling racing 520
2nd w 29 Jake Martin Pedal Heaven RT 400
3rd w 20 Jo Skelton Look Mum No Hands! 380
4th w 6 Josh Jones Cambridge University CC 320
5th w 12 James Norris High Wycombe CC 310
6th w 16 Sam Humpheson Look mum no hands! 300
7th w 30 Jerzy Kuzminski High Wycombe 270
8th w 7 Phil Holloway southend wheelers 240
9th w 15 Rory Townsend Pedal Heaven RT 210
10th w 18 Ben Sumner Beeline Bikes RT 200
11th w 38 Lawrence Carpenter Catford Equipe Banks 190
12th w 26 Dominic Clegg Redhill CC 180
13th w 36 Alexander King GPM10 Cycling 170
14th y 78 Ralph de Kanter Norwood Paragon CC 150
14th w 27 Joshua Mitchell Bicester Millenium 150
14th w 4 Adam Capes Finchley Racing Team 150
17th w 2 Tyler Lemmon Medway Velo 140
17th y 76 James Bradley Twickenham CC 140
19th y 12 Simon Barnes London Dynamo 130
20th w 17 James Freeman Dulwich Paragon CC 130


Next race Saturday 28th December then Wednesday 1st January – New Years Day]


Imperial Winter Series Information


Imperial Cycles Workshop




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