News - Surrey League Race Training
Friday, April 17th, 2015


Surrey League Race Training


Paul Pickup


Surrey League Race Training


For the 2015 season, the ever popular Surrey Racing League introduced an initiative to give some help and guidance to beginner, 4th category racers, before they venture out to compete in their first bunched race.


This would provide a stepping stone into what can be a scary, daunting experience, where you can suddenly go from riding solo up a country lane to hitting a race where potentially you have 60 odd other adrenaline filled athletes charging all around you.


These sessions would consist of Coach led activities giving people crucial experience in riding with others, learning correct etiquette to help survive in the bunch and also advice and guidance on bunched riding including crucial aspects like pace setting, working together in groups, judging and timing efforts, sprinting etc. all on a safe, closed road environment…. Read More >



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