The Hounslow Hour Record

The Hounslow Hour Record



The Hounslow Hour Record


Intro by Simon Whiten


Club riders emulate the cycling greats with the Hounslow Hour Record


As members’ of cycling clubs we are all familiar with the club champions who dominate the club’s annual members only road race, or club time trial, track championship or whatever. It’s perfectly normal to have club champions and equally accepted to have club records for the fastest 10 or 25 mile time trial, etc. So despite it usually being seen as something of a pro-only, blue riband event, Chris Lovibond reckons there’s no reason not to have a club hour record. Indeed Hounslow and District Wheelers have just that and having a crack at the Hounslow Hour Record seems to be gaining in popularity.


It’s not something we had thought of before but why not? It won’t be for everyone – certainly not me – but if you are a strong pursuit rider or time triallist then what a great thing to say you had a crack at, putting you in a very exclusive club with the likes of Coppi, Anquetil, Indurain, Merckx, Moser, Boardman, Obree et al.


So if there’s every reason for a local cycling club to have its own club hour record, when are you going to initiate your club’s hour record? Perhaps after reading about Hounslow’s inspirational experience, you’ll be motivated to get out there and do it too? Chris takes up the story overleaf… Read More >



Simon Whiten

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