Jaegher Tour de France Art

Jaegher Tour de France Art



Jaegher Tour de France Art


July 2013


To mark the occasion of the 100th Tour de France, Belgian bike brand, Jaegher, are visualizing the strange and unusual technical snippets and insights of the Tour de France, stage by stage, in a sort of dynamic ‘art installation’.


Jaegher Tour de France Art


Explosions of colour, shots, wattage, pile-ups, calorie consumption, air blowers, etc will all feature to provide a highly visual translation of the Tour’s technical data. The result of each experiment will be captured on 21 large screens. You can watch them on Vimeo…


You can follow ‘LES TABLEAUX HORS CATEGORIE’ and the realization of this experiment day by day on their Facebook page or on their Vimeo channel.


Here are their visualisations so far:


Stage 3


Stage 2


Stage 1


Jaegher Website


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