Coast to Coast Sportive

Need a target to aim for this year? How about the Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive?

The Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive is a 150 mile, west to east ride across the north of England. This iconic route takes you through three of England’s National Parks. Starting in Seascale on the Cumbrian coast, the route will head east to Windermere. Here you’ll get to cross Lake Windermere by ferry, something you don’t often see on a sportive!

After the ferry you’ll have the infamous Lake District passes of Hardknott and Wrynose to deal with. Once you’ve dispatched them, the route heads into the Yorkshire Dales. You will then have a slight reprieve across the flat Vale of York. Don’t be fooled however, as you’ll need to cross the North York Moors before journey’s end in Whitby. By the end of the day you will have covered 150 miles and climbed 14763 feet – that’s 240 Km and 4500 metres.

Take a look at the event video below and you’ll see that the route is a stunner. To experience those views you will need to have a good base of fitness. How fit? Well the organiser says; “this is a hard event, if you are really asking you may want to have a good think before entering!” Many riders will tackle this event in a group, sharing the work and looking out for each other. If you go this route, then you can get a group-discount on entry.

A long day in the saddle

The Coast to Coast in a Day does have time cut-offs that riders need to be aware of. While fast riders can finish in eight hours, slower riders could be out for eighteen. The cut-offs are not only for rider safety, but also for the people working on the event. So a gentle reminder that this is a tough event and you will need to prepare. .

The Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive will take you through some beautiful country
The Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive will take you through some beautiful country

While you are enjoying the views, you won’t have to worry about re-fuelling. The organisers, Sportive HQ have that covered. There will be feed stations at Kendal, Hardraw, Tunstall and Ingleby. And if you are a fan of real food on the bike, you’ll be pleased to know sandwiches, soup and pies are on the menu! You can also stuff your face with cakes, malt loaf, crisps, fruit and sweets. All washed down with lashings of hot tea or coffee.

Of course you can also take your own sports nutrition, but on a long ride like this, real food is a winner! Whether you take eight or eighteen hours to finish, that’s a long time to be swallowing gels. Taking in real food, especially at the beginning of the ride, can be a lot easier on the stomach. Personally, I would recommend keeping the high-tech nutrition for later on in the ride.

The logistics for a point-to-point ride like this can be difficult, with the event start and finish separated by 150 miles. To this end there is a bag drop-off, so you can have a change of clothes when you finish. Showers will also be available, to help you recover and return to some normality!

A ferry and four feed stops on the Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive
A ferry and four feed stops on the Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive

SportiveHQ will be running a bike-shuttle between Penrith and Seascale to get you to the start on the Friday evening. There will also be a return service to bring you back to Penrith from Whitby on the Sunday morning. Camping is available at either end, so you can avoid arriving knackered from the drive up, or face a drive home after a long day in the saddle.

So how’s that for a 2024 challenge? The Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive leaves Seascale on the 22 June; plenty of time to get training! We’re hoping to join SportiveHQ for a recon ride of the route in April and will let you know how it goes.

SportiveHQ organise other, less challenging, sportives as well as cycling holidays in the UK, head over to their website for more details.

Coast to Coast in a Day Sportive Information

£110 from 1st January 2024

£115 Late Entry Fee from 1st April 2024

(see discounted group entry here)

Penrith Park and Transfer £25 from Penrith to Seascale, Friday night and £35 Whitby to Penrith, Sunday morning. Book by 1st May, more details here

Camping £12 a night per person, Friday and Saturday advanced booking required. Book by 15th May, more details here

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