Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix presented by Wattbike

Results and pictures from Round 2 of the British Cycling Women’s National Road Series, the Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix presented by Wattbike

The Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix presented by Wattbike was won by Robyn Clay from a break of five that formed with four laps to go. The early parts of the race had seen minor crashes as the large bunch hit the bottom of the Michaelgate climb at speed. Finally Robyn Clay (Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee), Grace Lister and Sammie Stuart (DAS-Handsling), Heather Mayer (Hutchinson – Brother) and Charlotte Hodgkins-Byrne (Team Boompods) got away.

Lincoln Grand Prix podium
Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix presented by Wattbike podium

The break had a lead of thirty seconds with three laps to go, this grew as DAS-Handsling worked to prevent any meaningful chase developing. As the bell rang for the final lap the gap had grown to 1’50” and the bunch was in no state to bring them back. Clay attacked up the Michaelgate, to take the win, with Hodgkins-Byrne second at six seconds and Sammie Stuart another eight seconds back.

Sammie Stuart

Speaking to Sammie she said that the start was “quite calm” with a few attacks, but none that stuck. She finally got away on the descent after a couple of attempts, with help from her team. She was then joined by team-mate Lister, Clay, Mayer and Hodgkins-Byrne. Sammie said they all “worked really well to stay away.” The bunch closed to 20 seconds at one point “but we managed to escape the peloton’s view”! When it came to the finish she admitted that with two riders in the break they could have played it better, but she was happy with a podium finish. When I asked how she found riding on the cobbles, Sammie said that she “tried to hug the gutters after realising I wasn’t good at cobbles in Belgium”!

Monica Greenwood of DAS-Handsling took the overall leaders jersey in the British Cycling Women’s National Road Series competition, after a strong performance from the team. Read our report on the first round of the Women’s National Road Series

Greenwood in the Women’s National Road Series jersey

Rapha Lincoln Grand Prix presented by Wattbike gallery


1. Robyn ClayPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …Finished1st100
2. Charlotte Hodgkins-ByrneTeam BoompodsFinished2nd85
3. Sammie StuartDAS – Handsling BikesFinishedElite75
4. Grace ListerDAS – Handsling BikesFinishedElite66
5. Heather MayerHutchinson-Brother UKFinished1st58
6. Cat FergusonShibden Hope Tech ApexFinished1st51
7. Monica GreenwoodDAS – Handsling BikesFinishedElite45
8. Tiffany KeepFinished0
9. Imogen WolffShibden Hope Tech ApexFinished2nd34
10. Corinne SidePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …Finished1st29
11. Dannielle KhanSaint Piran WRTFinished2nd25
12. Mary WilkinsonTeam BoompodsFinishedElite21
13. Ellen McDermottTeam BoompodsFinished1st18
14. Jessie CarridgeHutchinson-Brother UKFinished2nd15
15. Alice SharpeIsrael – Premier Tech Developm…Finished1st12
16. Sophie EneverAlba Development Road TeamFinished2nd10
17. Awen RobertsLiv Cycling Club – Halo FilmsFinished1st8
18. Zoe LanghamPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …Finished1st6
19. April TaceyLifeplus WahooFinished1st4
20. Bexy DewPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …Finished1st2
21. Holly RamseyTofauti Everyone ActiveFinished1st0
22. Beth Harley-JepsonJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonFinished1st0
23. Isabel DarvillTeam Spectra CannondaleFinishedElite0
24. Katy HillLondon DynamoFinished3rd0
25. Eline SmitLAKA Pedal Mafia RTFinished2nd0
26. Madelaine LeechLifeplus WahooFinished1st0
27. Lydia WattsHutchinson-Brother UKFinished1st0
28. Esther WongShibden Hope Tech ApexFinished2nd0
29. Amelia TylerAlba Development Road TeamFinished2nd0
30. Ruth ShierHutchinson-Brother UKFinished2nd0
31. Amy GornallPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …Finished2nd0
32. Erin AvillStorey RacingFinished2nd0
33. Kim BaptistaAyr Roads Cycling ClubFinished3rd0
34. Annabel RamsayRFDAFinished2nd0
35. Nicola GreenwoodRFDAFinished2nd0
36. Amber HardingLoughborough LightningFinished2nd0
37. Francesca HallLoughborough LightningFinishedElite0
38. Gemma MitchellTeam BoompodsFinished1st0
39. Annamarie LippFinished0
40. Emma JeffersDAS – Handsling BikesFinishedElite0
41. Olivia FrenchStolenGoat Race TeamFinished2nd0
42. Niamh MurphyLiv Cycling Club – Halo FilmsFinished1st0
43. Harriet DoddHutchinson-Brother UKFinished3rd0
44. Jo TindleyPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …FinishedElite0
45. Lotty DawsonBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Finished2nd0
46. Lucy EllmorePro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …FinishedElite0
47. Lucy Benezet MinnsTofauti Everyone ActiveFinished3rd0
48. Amelia CebakTofauti Everyone ActiveFinished3rd0
49. Libby SmithsonAWOL- O’SheaFinished1st0
50. Jessica FinneyAWOL- O’SheaFinished1st0
51. Sophie ThackrayDAS – Handsling BikesFinished2nd0
52. Jayati HineTeam BoompodsFinished2nd0
53. Lucy LeeDAS – Handsling BikesFinishedElite0
54. Sian BotteleyHutchinson-Brother UKFinished2nd0
55. Sian MarshTeam BoompodsFinished2nd0
56. Katie ScottDAS – Handsling BikesFinished3rd0
57. Frances OwenWahoo – Le ColFinished2nd0
58. Maddie HeywoodFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…Finished2nd0
59. Alice CollingShibden Hope Tech ApexFinished2nd0
60. Lena KaneStolenGoat Race TeamFinished1st0
61. Lowri RichardsTofauti Everyone ActiveFinished2nd0
62. Philippa DraperLoughborough LightningFinished3rd0
63. Lucy GloverShibden Hope Tech ApexFinished2nd0
64. Anastasia BowlerWahoo – Le ColFinished3rd0
65. Molly PatchHutchinson-Brother UKFinished2nd0
66. Kelly MurphyAWOL- O’SheaFinished2nd0
67. Lauren WatsonTeam BoompodsFinished2nd0
68. Abi PlowmanJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonFinished2nd0
69. Rosie WaylandFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…Finished2nd0
70. Madeleine NuttRibble CollectiveFinished2nd0
71. Harriet EvansBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Finished2nd0
72. Jessica PriorLDN-AcademyFinished3rd0
73. Penny ColloffLAKA Pedal Mafia RTFinished1st0
74. Rebecca RichardsSaint Piran WRTFinished2nd0
75. Matilda McKibbenLiv Cycling Club – Halo FilmsFinished2nd0
76. Isabel MayesShibden Hope Tech ApexFinished2nd0
77. Skye DavidsonJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonFinished2nd0
78. Emily KayLoughborough LightningFinished2nd0
79. Mia RutterfordTofauti Everyone ActiveFinished3rd0
80. Savannah MorganFinished2nd0
81. Xan CreesTeam Spectra CannondaleFinished2nd0
82. Ella BarnwellSaint Piran WRTFinished1st0
83. Cecilia HimeParadigm CyclesFinished3rd0
Daisy BarnesAlba Development Road TeamDid not finish2nd0
Adele BattersbyWahoo – Le ColDid not finish2nd0
Hannah BayesSaint Piran WRTDid not finish2nd0
Maya BranfootWahoo – Le ColDid not finish3rd0
Lizi BrookeWahoo – Le ColDid not finish2nd0
Charlotte BroughtonAWOL- O’SheaDid not finish2nd0
Eva CallinanLoughborough LightningDid not finish2nd0
Nicole CoatesSaint Piran WRTDid not finish1st0
Abigail CooperBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Did not finish3rd0
Laura DaviesJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonDid not finish2nd0
Kirstie DrakefordJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonDid not finish2nd0
Freya EcclestonBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Did not finish2nd0
Hannah FarranTeam BoompodsDid not finish2nd0
Vanessa FursdenWahoo – Le ColDid not finish3rd0
Rachel GallerSaint Piran WRTDid not finish3rd0
Harriet GrahamBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Did not finish2nd0
Anouska GreenawayLAKA Pedal Mafia RTDid not finish2nd0
Marine GuerinStade Rochelais Charente-Marit…Did not finish1st0
Rebecca HairLAKA Pedal Mafia RTDid not finish2nd0
Faith HammondLDN-AcademyDid not finish3rd0
Caitlin HarveyCero – Cycle Division Racing T…Did not finish3rd0
Jenny HollTEKKERZ CCDid not finish1st0
Arianne HollandAlba Development Road TeamDid not finish2nd0
Olive HollidayFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…Did not finish2nd0
Sophie HolmesSaint Piran WRTDid not finish1st0
Millie JenkinsBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Did not finish2nd0
Miriam JessettJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonDid not finish1st0
Isabella JohnsonCC SudburyDid not finish2nd0
Marie-Louise KertzmanLAKA Pedal Mafia RTDid not finish2nd0
Jacqueline KinseyAWOL Worx GalliardDid not finish3rd0
Josie KnightTeam Spectra CannondaleDid not finish2nd0
Roisin LallyLoughborough LightningDid not finish3rd0
Georgia LancasterBrother UK-Orientation Marketi…Did not finish2nd0
Lauren LanghamWahoo – Le ColDid not finish2nd0
Alice LethbridgeLoughborough LightningDid not finish2nd0
Sophie LewisDAS – Handsling BikesDid not finishElite0
Beth MaciverAlba Development Road TeamDid not finish2nd0
Kate MacleodDid not finish0
Beth MacraeJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonDid not finish3rd0
Abbie ManleyBlack VanillaDid not finish3rd0
Elizabeth McKinnonTofauti Everyone ActiveDid not finish3rd0
Tamsin MillerHutchinson-Brother UKDid not finish1st0
Francesca Morgans-SladerAWOL- O’SheaDid not finish2nd0
Rebekah NashJadan Vive le Velo GlasdonDid not finish2nd0
Lucy NeathamLDN-AcademyDid not finish2nd0
Ruby OakesJRC-INTERFLON Race TeamDid not finish2nd0
Georgina OakleyINFLITEDid not finish1st0
Megan PantonAWOL- O’SheaDid not finish3rd0
Clare ParkinFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…Did not finish3rd0
Amy PerrymanTEKKERZ CCDid not finish2nd0
Kate RichardsonLifeplus WahooDid not finishElite0
Elizabeth SandersFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…Did not finish2nd0
Eilidh ShawAlba Development Road TeamDid not finish1st0
Millie SkinnerPro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – …Did not finish2nd0
Victoria SmithAlba Development Road TeamDid not finish2nd0
Sasha SmithFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…Did not finish2nd0
Mia SmithDid not finish0
Anya TamplinLoughborough LightningDid not finish2nd0
Vivienne TomlinFTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racin…Did not finish2nd0
Maddie WadsworthAWOL- O’SheaDid not finish2nd0
Evie WhiteAlba Development Road TeamDid not finish2nd0
Freya WhitesideShibden Hope Tech ApexDid not finish2nd0
Morven YeomanTorelliDid not finish2nd0

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