The Joys of ‘cross! Bike cleaning.

Did you spend the weekend riding around a muddy field for an hour? Is your bike still covered in cack, waiting for for some tlc? Well stop procrastinating! Get out there and do some bike cleaning. You know it makes sense.

Wait until Saturday morning and it’ll be too late to buy and fit that bit that broke/wore out. Remember halfway through last weekend’s race? That strange dragging feeling, or maybe it was those fluffed gear changes. Indulge in a bit of bike cleaning and you’ll have time to sort it for Sunday; you’ll thank me.

Enjoyed your event? Well now it's time for some bike cleaning!
Enjoyed your event? Well now it’s time for some bike cleaning!

To help make the whole cleaning thing go a little easier, take a look at some of the products we’ve reviewed on CycleTechReview. You could try a cleaner like Shiny Sauce for when it’s not too bad. Or how about coating your frame so the mud won’t stick in the first place? Then try Crankaliscious.

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