Wiggins top bike throws

Top Bike Throws




Top Bike Throws


April 2013


You’ve probably seen all over the internet the Wiggins bike chuck incident at the Giro del Trentino recently; it was more of a bike park really. Well its nothing new. We have seen this a bit before but couldn’t really remember who was guilty. A quick look on YouTube brought up a few so here’s our Top Bike Throws. ..


As usual with Bradley it was all very cool in Trentino…



But its not always so neatly done. Cycle racing gets you fired up and if things don’t go your way there can be fireworks. Wiggins has a bit of form when it comes to bike throwing; in 2009 Men’s Time Trial World Championship in Mendrisio, Switzerland for example…



Our Bradley Wiggins is not the only one to chuck his bike in anger. Here’s more top bike throws…


Here we have Mr 60% himself, the great Dane, Bjarne Riis, losing his rag as well as the Tour de France to younger teammate, Jan Ullrich, in 1997:



Another Brit this time and its David Millar, who lost his rag, unsurprisingly, just shy of the finish of the climb to Contursi Terme on stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia 2008. You might have reacted similarly if, with just 1km to go in a 180km stage, your chain snapped…



This bike throw is not really ‘sport’ but it should be – Chinese man invents new cycle sport… Actiually a Chinese man stops thieves using his bike. Its impressive stuff.



This is a very famous incident from the Tour of Flanders where another Dane, the great Jesper Skibby, in the 1987 Tour of Flanders gets thrown under a commissaire’s car on the famous Koppenberg climb… sort of.



And finally, as we cannot have a clips article without featuring the Lion King, role model for every playboy sprinter on two wheels, here’s the great Mario Cipollini in the 2003 Ghent-Wevelgem, shows his disdain for an erratic race-referee by throwing a couple of water bottles at him. This same official then crashes in front of the race later in the video!



If you can find anymore send us the links and we’ll get them on the site…


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