Road Bike Party 2

Road Bike Party 2


Road Bike Party 2


By Simon Whiten


The follow-up, Road Bike Party 2, by Robin Kitchin, starring Martyn Ashton, is here.


Given that we know what to expect, it would be easy for this follow-up video to be a bit of a disappointment – fortunately it is even better than the first one.


Road Bike Party 2


Having ditched his Pinarello for a bike from their Italian rivals, a Colnago C59 Italia no less, courtesy of Shift Active Media and their Global Cycling Network YouTube channel, Martyn Ashton is joined by a few friends for some even bigger and better tricks.


It’s all a bit embarrassing really when you consider the difficulty us mere mortals often get into when we venture off the beaten track on our mountain or cross bikes, or even, on rare occasions, our road bikes. Whilst it’s incredible to see what can be done on a ‘racing bike’, we all know it’s not really about the bike but the talent and there is a heap of talent on show here.





Shift Active Media


Global Cycling Network




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