The Milan San Remo Gran Fondo




The Milan San Remo Gran Fondo


June 2013


You may recall that we recently featured the Milan San Remo Gran Fondo – a truly daunting prospect at over 182 miles long – with the aim of perhaps motivating a few brave souls to go over and have a go in June 2014. Well we were recently sent the results of this years version.


You may be further inspired to learn that the winners did the event in less than 8 hours despite poor weather, with unseasonal rain, gusts of wind, and only the occasional glimpse of blue sky for the 1100 cyclists of the 43rd annual Milan-San Remo Gran Fondo on June 9th.


On the men’s side, Alexandre Blain, of Team Raleigh, completed it in 7 hours and 44 minutes, while Gianmario Rovaletti (Team Chiappucci, Italy) and Corneille Dams (Team Buscemi, Belgium), were second and third.


Blain Milan San Remo Gran Fondo


Ilaria Rinaldi, of Team Cavallino Specialized, obliterated her female competitors, coming in after just 7 hours and 58 minutes. Rinaldi’s speed was so impressive that she came in 50th overall in the overall. Second and third place went to Silvia Perrenaud (Team CCL, Switzerland) and Ilenia Stocchetti (Team Gio’ndent, Italy).


Milan San Remo Gran Fondo


So if you reckon you can match such a pace – an average of 23.5 mph – you are still in for a long old day in the saddle. More likely, as we have been discussing here, even for the relatively fit rider capable of maintaining about 18 mph, you’d be looking at 10 hours. Best hope is that you could settle into a decent sized bunch of fast riders and not suffer any mechanicals.


Anyone game for 182 miles in Italy next June?


For more information visit the Milan San Remo Gran Fondo website.


Further to this, Blain was later disqualified for being a professional riding what is meant to be an amatuer event. It would appear that he may also in trouble with his Raleigh team as he was meant to be recovering from an injury… Thanks to @DeMoffola for the update.


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