Rebound Gravel 2024

Rebound Gravel 2024 calls itself the world’s largest gravel cycling event, let’s take a look.

The Rebound Gravel 2024 is a gravel cycling event that has no route, no entry fee and no fixed start. So what is it? Rebound Gravel 2024 is a real-world virtual event that will take place on June 1, 2024. It’s real-world in that you ride it outdoors: no virtual environments allowed. Virtual in that each ride is unique, you choose your distance, your route.

Laurens ten Dam wants you to join him for Rebound Gravel 2024
Laurens ten Dam wants you to join him for Rebound Gravel 2024

Laurens ten Dam came up with the idea after cycling events were cancelled during the pandemic. While riders couldn’t attend mass events, riding on your own was allowed. So ten Dam set up the Rebound Gravel ride as his alternative to the Unbound race he was due to ride. Now for 2024, he wants us all to ride our own Rebound Gravel.


This year Rebound Gravel 2024 is partnering with Strava, Shimano and the JOIN cycling app. If you complete the a Rebound Gravel ride then you will be in with a chance to win prizes! Riders completing their Rebound Gravel route can win hundreds of prizes from Shimano, Live Slow Ride Fast, Skoda, and an entry into the sold-out Unbound gravel event in Emporia, Kansas.

There’s no details about how you win a prize, but knowing LtD it won’t just be for the fastest rider! To be in for a chance at winning a prize you’ll need to join the Rebound challenge on Strava. Prizes include;

  • Entry to 2025 Unbound
  • Weekend tickets to LtD gravel event
  • Skoda prize (tbc)
  • Live Slow Ride Fast summer cycling kit
  • Shimano RX6 shoes & socks
  • Shimano RX8 shoes, SPD pedals & socks
  • Shimano Evolve clothing
  • Shimano Ridescape glasses
  • Life-time Live Slow Ride Fast community membership
  • JOIN life-time membership

What are the rules?

First off, head over to the Rebound site and register with your details and route. You could then download the JOIN app to help you train and Strava to plan your route. The details are up to you, it’s your event! Here are the Rebound rules:

  • Saturday June 1st 2024
  • Start 6.00 a.m. (in the spirit of UNBOUND)
  • DIY 15, 25, 50, 100 or 200-mile gravel route
  • Self-supported (maximum of two stops!)
  • Mandatory post-race celebration – with pictures
  • No fees, no time limits, just fun
Pick your own route for Rebound Gravel 2024
Pick your own route for Rebound Gravel 2024

Quotes from the organisers;

“Rebound Gravel 2024 is not just a cycling event; it’s a celebration of adventure, community,
and the beauty of the great outdoors,”
said Jim van den Berg, CEO of JOIN. “We want to get
as many people out on their bikes on the most unexpected terrain in order to showcase the joy
and excitement that can come from being the best rider you can be on the most adventurous
terrain you can find.”

“I’ve ridden my bike all over the world and, when it comes to challenging off-road rides, there’s
nothing better than the routes in your own backyard,”
said Laurens ten Dam, pro gravel cyclist
and owner of Live Slow Ride Fast. “We invite cyclists of all backgrounds to join us on June 1st
for an unforgettable day of exploration and camaraderie.”

The JOIN cycling app can give you some training tips for Rebound Gravel 2024

Follow the guinea pigs!

This year, in collaboration with JOIN Cycling and Shimano, four riders have been chosen to take their training even further. Meet Polly from the UK, Jarle from Norway, Willy from Belgium and Sophia from the Netherlands. These riders will be trained by human-performance scientist Jim van den Berg and Laurens ten Dam to tackle Rebound Gravel 2024. Will they all reach their personal goal in three months of training? Watch the Long Way Home to see how they do.

For more information about Rebound Gravel 2024 and how to participate, visit the official
website at

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