The Peter Young Memorial Road Race

The Peter Young Memorial Road Race


The Peter Young Memorial Road Race


Chris Lovibond


Hounslow and District Wheelers’ Peter Young Memorial Road Race


The Hounslow and District Wheelers present: The Peter Young Memorial Road Race, a ‘Central Spring Classic’ Race for Elite, first and second category riders, over 87 miles, on Sunday 15th March 2015; start time 10.30 am. Run under British Cycling Regulations…


Event HQ and changing room (open from 9am): The Chobham Club, 50 Windsor Road, Chobham, Woking, Surrey, GU24 8LD. Please park considerately. There will be signs and a parking marshal to help you. Please note: we have been specifically asked not to park in Fowlers Mead.
Course Description
From the HQ the route is neutralised. Riders will follow the lead car heading North on the B 383 Windsor Road to the rolling start, marked with a Union Jack flag, beyond the cross road junction at Windlesham Road/Red Lion Road. Continue to RAB where turn right [M] along Chertsey Road (B386).
At the next RAB [M] turn right over the M3 motorway into Longcross Road going East. Continue on B386 to turn left into Kitsmead Lane [M], over M3 to T junction [M] where turn left (West) along Chobham Lane. Negotiate new RAB [M] carrying straight on to RAB where straight over into Chertsey Road (Note: this is the RAB where the race came onto the ‘Kitsmead Lane’ circuit). Continue to RAB junction with Windsor Road where straight over along B386 [M] [NOTE: the lap board at this point will show 7 full laps, counted from here]. Turn left [M] into Highams Lane. Continue South into Windlesham Road to turn sharp left into Windsor Road [B383] [M]. Go North on Windsor Road to RAB Junction with B386 Chertsey [M] where turn right to start second ‘big’ lap. This RAB marks the end of the first big figure of eight circuit of 8.8 miles (14km).
After completing seven and a half laps (about 66 miles/ 106 km) turn left (South) onto Windsor Road [B383] to start the 2.9 mile (4.6 km) finishing circuit.
At junction with Staple Hill Road turn sharp left [M] [CARE! hairpin bend], up Staple Hill through the finish area [Lap board here will show 6 to go], to junction with Longcross Road [B386], where left[M] over M3 to RAB where left[M] along Chertsey Road to RAB where left [M] onto Windsor Road to complete the circuit. The race will finish at the top of Staple Hill after seven ascents of that hill. (87 miles / 141 km).

Jake Martin (Kingsnorth International Wheelers) winning the Hounslow event in 2013
Jake Martin (Kingsnorth International Wheelers) winning the Hounslow event in 2013


Central Spring Classic
In addition to our prize list there will be an award to the best combined performance in the Peter Young race and the Hemel’s Roy Thame Cup race, run on Saturday the 14th March. The prize will be the Chas Messenger Trophy (to be held for one year) and £100. This award will be decided on the basis of points scored for finishing positions in both races.
This link between the races is a welcome new idea, well, new to us since it has been borrowed from the Belgian practice of joining Spring races in this way. We hope this idea will be continued and expanded to other events in the future, since we believe it will add another layer of interest to these races.
Prizes will be presented in the HQ after the race. The Judges’ decision will be final in respect of all prizes.

Event Safety
The Hounslow and District Wheelers will be providing over 25 marshals around the course. Without them the event could not take place, and I am sure everyone connected with the race wishes to thank them for turning out and giving up their time.
In addition to our marshals we expect to have four motorbikes from the National Escort Group. We feel this is an investment which greatly adds to the safety and smooth running of the event.

Pete Williams and Marcin Bialoblocki attempt to dead heat (victory given to Williams)
Pete Williams and Marcin Bialoblocki attempt to dead heat (victory given to Williams)


Event Organiser: Chris Lovibond, 44 London St., Chertsey, Surrey, 0741 501 2067, to whom any complaints must be addressed within 24 hours.
Competitors’ Instructions:
Current racing licences must be produced.
Hard shell helmets must be worn.
Riders must sign on by 10.10 am.
All riders must attend the Commissaires’ Pre Race Briefing which will be given before assembling outside the HQ for the neutralised ride to the start.
Junior riders will be subject to the gear restriction as per BC regulation 333.3.1 (52 x 14, or a development of 7.93 metres)
It is most important to remember that the Surrey Police insist that riders should strictly adhere to all the rules of the road. Do not cross white lines – police video cameras may be in use.
The start is about one and a half miles from the HQ and this is neutralised. The ride back from the finish to the HQ is about the same distance.
Horses are often ridden on the road in this area, especially on the Windlesham Road end of the course where there are stables. Every effort is and has been made to warn the horse riding community but ultimately safety rests with you, the riders. Please show respect.
Refreshments will be available at the HQ.
Prize list
First £100
Second £80
Third £70
Fourth £65
Fifth £60
Sixth £55
Seventh £50
Eighth £45
Ninth £40
Tenth £35
Eleventh £30
Twelfth to Fifteenth places: £25 each.


Chief Commissaire: Patrick Kavanagh
Assistant Commissaires: Kuldip Rai, Richard Collins
Lead Car: Simon Morris, Doug Collins
Reserve Lead Car: Paul Innes, Kevin Maconville
Neutral Service Vehicle: MountainTrax Bikeshop, Barkham, Wokingham
First Aid: Brent Skinner/ Anya Seccombe
Licence Stewards: Jo Wells, Nigel Forward
Convoy Radios and Signage: Brent Skinner
Finish Judges: Richard Collins and members of Hounslow and District Wheelers
Assistant to Chief Commissaire: Bob Birt
Driver for Second Commissaire: Kevin Fairhead
Catering: Linda Marshall, Elaine Marshall and Michelle Sprake

Hounslow and District
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