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Strava New Effort Comparison Tool


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Strava launch a new Effort Comparison Tool


See your efforts unfold on a map and view a virtual race with the new Strava Effort Comparison tool.


Strava has launched a new Effort Comparison tool, allowing you to compare your effort to the efforts of others and visualise segments on a whole new level. You can see your efforts unfold on a map to compare against friends or visualise the fight for the lead.

STRAVA Effort Comparison

STRAVA Effort Comparison


A map displays the athletes competing on the segment, with a roster detailing second-by-second stats of speed, heart rate and power for each athlete. A chart graphs the time gaps and oscillations between them. You just click the Play button and watch how the virtual race took shape.


Currently the Effort Comparison tool allows you to compare just two athletes. However, Premium members can customise and compare up to five athletes on any given segment via an easily filterable leaderboard.


For an example of the Effort Comparison tool using La Vuelta Stage 4, between Laurens Ten Dam and Thibaut Pinot on the San Jeronimo Glorieta segment, visit Strava Comparison Tool.

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