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Monday, May 8th, 2017


How to Bet on the Tour de France and Other Cycling Events




How to Bet on the Tour de France and Other Cycling Events


Fancy betting on your favourite sport? Here’s some top tips from an expert on how to place a bet on cycling…

Cycling betting is a little bit different from football and other sports in terms of market selection and securing good odds for unexpected winners. The major events have clear favorites that tend to win 80% of the time, with strong contenders only having a 30% chance. This makes the odds market a little unrewarding unless you focus on individual races were the favorite might be at a disadvantage. Smaller less known events offer far better odds where following savvy punters might pay off.

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Here we analyse the different betting markets for professional cycling, some common betting tips and which major races tend to be available on top class sportsbooks like William Hill. If you want to have more detail about all the odds, races, individual cyclist’s standings and even make a bet, then you can view William Hill’s full range of cycling betting options.

How to Bet on Cycling
TIP: If you wish to bet on cycling but are not an expert in the matter, search for cycling punters on twitter that offer their tips freely.
Cycling punters can bet on which rider will wear the “yellow (leader’s) jersey” across most of the event (just like an Over/Under bet), or pit riders against each other on individual races, or bet on the overall result of a race or tour.
The major cycling events you can bet on are the Grand Tours such as the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia, and the big one day races like Liege Bastogne Liege and La Fleche Wallone.
From these the Tour de France is booming with online bettors and is offered on markets across the web.
Common rules of betting apply for cycling events: manage your expense, be consistent with betting amounts, have a backup strategy and track your performance. Do not shift your betting amount or wager emotionally; focus on statistics and do some research before you select a cyclist to bet on.
With cycling, you select your pick based on how well a rider can climb, descend or sprint on the flat. For example, Colombian cyclist’s are on the rise and they are very good climbers, like Nairo Quintana, who has done well in the mid-level events but struggles against the big names like Froome or Contador when it comes to the Tour de France and such. But sometimes Colombian cyclist’s can lose their climbing advantage on the descents or even on the flat in cross winds. Obviously super sprinter, Fernando Gaviria isn’t your typical Colombian climber but riders from certain nationalities may show similar traits, so do some general background research but also look at the individual stats.
Be sure to follow a rider’s recent races. A rider that goes into the Tour de France after 3 or 4 long events during the same season may be fatigued and could be expected to suffer compared to more rested and well prepared riders. Nairo Quintana and several other riders tend to over compete in several events in the lead up to a Grand Tour, while Froome only targets the biggest of races.
Take a look at the field in a race. If a strong contender has no similarly matched competitors to fight against in an event, then we can assume that rider will win the event and a future bet is an easy take. But even under this scenario we can bet on the other riders that most bettors are overlooking, at certain stages of the race. As long as second place in the general classification is well behind, the “yellow jersey” will relax a bit when he is comfortably on top and his team will control the race’s rhythm, leaving other riders free to win some stages.
Betting Types
Jersey Betting – As the Yellow Jersey is awarded to the general event leader and eventual winner, bettors can back whichever rider they think will be wearing the jersey on each stage as well as the overall winner.
Outright Winner – Basic bet on the cyclist that will win the general classification, a stage or a one day race.
Futures Betting – This can offer the best odds if you select a rider you’ve thoroughly analysed, that is not the main favourite. Your bet should be placed before the main event or individual race begins.
Live Betting – Only a few sportsbooks offer this, where you can place your bet on who will win as the race unfolds as you watch the happenings. Odds shift constantly.


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