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Thursday, May 7th, 2015


Surrey League Dunsfold Park Vets Series


Glyn Durrant


Surrey League Dunsfold Park Vets Series


Evening racing for the experienced rider at Dunsfold Aerodrome – home of that show Top Gear – in Surrey.

It was very windy conditions that greeted everyone at the Dunsfold Park Airfield as gales blew into southern England.

Our interpid correspondent and Handsling Racing team rider, Graham Crow took advantage of a slow moving peloton and attacked early, bridging to even earlier attacker Jeremy Brougham of London Dynamo and bringing VC Meuden’s Craig Wilson with him. They forged a massive gap over the peloton.

Graham Crow
The last lap saw some cat and mouse tactics between the three of them, but unfortunately it didn’t pay off for Crow, who ended up 2nd in the 40-50 aged riders and 3rd in the race!


May 6, 2015 – Velo Bagarreur – Surrey League Dunsfold Park Vets Series #1 – MC/MD – 27 miles
Pos Name Last name Club/Team Cat Age Cat.
1 Jeremy Brougham London Dynamo 2V MD
2 Graham Crow Handsling Racing 2V MC
3 GARY BRIND Southdowns Bikes 3V MC
4 Austyn Tusler Norwood Paragon CC 2V MC
5 Ben Macland VC Meudon 2V MD
6 Dominic Maxwell Sussex Revolution VC 3V MC
7 Luke Farren Brighton Mitre 2V MC
8 matthew farren Brighton Mitre 2V MD
9 Henry Furniss Wyndymilla 3V MC
10 Carl Farrell Sussex Revolution VC 2V MC
11 Andrew Ellison VC Meudon 3V MD
12 Clinton Casteller 3V MC
13 Andy Hibberd 3V MC
14 Rick Garman Fareham Wheelers CC 3V MD
15 Gary Bull Bigfoot CC 2V MD
16 Gianluca Cappello VC Meudon 2V MD
17 Jason Ginn Southdowns Bikes 3V MC
18 Simon Laws VC Meudon 3V MC
19 Dale Moran Wyndymilla 3V MC
20 Jon Spier Private Member 3V MD
21 Mike James InGear Quickvit RT 4V MD
22 Ed Irwin SDRT 3V MD
23 Matthew Bubear Southdowns Bikes 2V MD
24 Mark Sussex Sussex Revolution VC 3V MD
25 Seamus Kelly Cadence 3V MD
26 Robert Quin Brighton Mitre 3V MD
27 James Horan Southdowns Bikes 3V MD
28 Edward Bull Sussex Revolution VC 4V MD


May 6, 2015 – Velo Bagarreur – Surrey League Dunsfold Park Vets Series #1 – ME/MF/MG/MH/MI – 27 miles
Pos Name Last name Club/Team Cat Age Cat.
1 Craig Wilson VC Meudon 2V ME
2 Mick Bath API-Merrow 2V MF
3 David Pollard InGear Quickvit RT 3V MF
4 Philip Burnett Mosquito Bikes 3V ME
5 Billy McNamara Clarencourt CC 2V ME
6 simon worthington V C Meudon 3V ME
7 Andrew McCombe North Hants RC 3V ME
8 Darryl Rice Blazing Saddles 2V ME
9 Colin Bateman Festival RC 3V MF
10 Richard Simmons VC Meudon 2V MF
11 Lindsey Ruocco VC Meudon 3V MG
12 Nigel Powell VC St Raphael 2V MF
13 Chris Hewitt Sussex Revolution VC 3V ME
14 Andy Redding 2V ME
15 Richard Gilham Charlotteville CC 4V ME
16 Ian Franklin VC Meudon 4V MH
17 Mark Pelling InGear Quickvit RT 3V MG
18 Norman Mellors Rock N Road Cycles 3V MF
19 Keith Griffin Paceline RT 3V ME
20 Michael Leonard Southdowns Bikes 3V ME
21 Paul Tunnell Addiscombe CC 2V MF
22 Peter Eveleigh Maison Du Velo 4V ME
23 Ian Glen Team ASL360 3V ME
24 Colin Summerfield GS Vecchi 3V MH
25 Richard Varian Epsom CC 3V MG
26 Ralph Carter London Dynamo 2V ME
27 paul banner Kingston Wheelers 3V ME
28 Andrew Costello VC Venta 3V ME
29 Dennis Wright Epsom CC 3V MG

Surrey League
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