Ron Brown Memorial 100 2015 Result

Ron Brown Memorial 100 2015 Result


The Ron Brown Memorial 100 2015
Tandem tricyclists Ralph Dadswell and Paul Mace – they did 4.11.44

Another ride that deserves a mention was the Julian Jenkinson/ Stephen Whitewick (Velo Refined Aerosmiths) tandem effort: it was the fastest of the day at 3.29.58. While obviously a fine athletic achievement, perhaps the main interest here is in their machine. This was based on a standard touring frame but has many specially made components. It is really a prototype which will eventually be superseded by a purpose built machine when the riders are satisfied they have achieved the best possible position. Since they have record breaking in mind, perhaps it’s best not to give away too much of their plan, but it seems safe to reveal that the rear rider is using some parts which have been borrowed from Graham O’Bree’s ‘Superman’ machine. This pairing clearly has the potential for success and we wish them the best of luck with their project.
The Ron Brown Memorial 100 2015
The Whitewick/ Jenkinson tandem

The event was run on the Farnham – Alton course, which with a moderate Westerly wind was not at its fastest. It was again organised by Trevor Gilbert – we all owe him a debt of gratitude for the huge amount of effort he freely gives us each year.

1. Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 3.34.01.
2. Pete Harrison (GS Henley) 3.45.50.
3. Richard Spink (Bristol South CC) 3.46.21.
4. Jon Wynn (Northover Vets) 3.47.42
5. Steve Williamson (a3crg) 3.52.26
6. Tom Glandfield (Lewes Wanderers CC) 3.56.04
7. Phil Watts (North Hants RC) 3.57.34
8. David Shepherd (GS Stella) 3.58.11.
9. Dominic Hill (Bec CC) 3.58.48.
10. Matthew Woods (Eastbourne Rovers) 3.59.23.
11. Andrew Warby (RST Sport) 4.00.11
12. Paul Holdsworth (Hounslow & District Whrs) 4.00.58.

1. Jasmijn Muller (Paceline RT) 4.07.30.
2. Jill Wilkinson (Chester RC) 4.13.47.
3. Cynthia Kunschke (High Wycombe CC) 4.14.41
4. Jody Conibear (Hemel Hempstead CC) 4.19.25.
5. Mary Bower (Chelmer CC) 4.24.27.
6. Jackie Dodd (Kingston Phoenix) 4.53.58.

Hounslow and District
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