David Millars Last Race

David Millars Last Race


David Millars Last Race


Garry Beckett


David Millars Last Race, Last Push for the Line


The curtains draw to a close on the 18 year career of professional cyclist David Millar, a career that has had many high points, but David has chosen a ‘Hill Climb’as his final competitive outing…

He has worn the Yellow Jersey in the Tour De France and has represented Great Britain at World Championship level, as well as earning many other prestigious accolades in the world of cycling, but it will be the Bec Hill Climb, in its 59th year, run by the Bec Cycling Club, at 2.00pm on 12th October 2014 that will be his last race.


David Millar
Image courtesy of Pymouss

It is an event that always attracts many of Britain’s top riders, as well as many more ordinary club riders, all keen to show their climbing abilities against the clock on the mainly 1-in-6 gradient, 750 yard course of White Lane, near Limpsfied in Surrey.


Famous for being well attended by large and noisy crowds of spectators, Bec Hill Climb organiser Garry Beckett, expects an unprecedented amount of fans to attend this year to cheer David on and see him in his last race, as well as enjoying the race in its entirety.


Garry says, “Obviously, it’s great kudos, for a small club like ours to be chosen by Dave to host his final race, and after discussing it with him, and offering the Bec event as his final stage as a Pro rider, myself and my Bec CC Clubmates are really excited about promoting this years event. We are pretty confident he’ll be overwhelmed by the amount of people coming to wish him farewell, as well as to see him race.”


And according to David, “I’m not just going to ride uphill and wave goodbye, I’m going to have a crack at setting a new ‘White Lane’ record in what will be my first ever Hill Climb TT, as well as my last race.
“It’ll be like going full circle on my cycling career. Most Brits start in a Cycling Club, as I did, so it’s fitting to end my career at a British Clubs event. I’m really looking forward to it, although ‘Gazza’, my friend, soigneur and organiser of the event, tells me Hill Climbs are not always that easy and it takes a certain knack to hit the Hill just right!
“He also tells me they bloody hurt, even though its only a sub 2-minute ride. Maybe I’ll enjoy it and not retire after all and just ride Hill Climbs.”
Details of the 59th BEC CYCLING CLUB HILL CLIMB on 12th October 2014 at 14.00hrs
Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations
Official Timekeepers: Mr & Mrs R.Donnington
Organiser on behalf of the Bec C.C.: Garry Beckett
‘Titsey’ ( White Lane) is situated on the left of the B2024 when approaching from Westerham, or the Right if coming from Croydon/ London direction, and is opposite the sign posted Tatsfield.
The course is 700 yards long, and starts 40yards from the Junction with the B269 & Finishes 70yards from the junction with the B2024.
It is mainly a 1-in- 6 gradient, increasing to a nice little 1-in-4 section 50-60 yards from the finish line. It levels off slightly approx 15 yards from the line.
According to ‘past survivors’ over the years, a gear ratio of between 54 and 59 inches affords the most comfortable of ascents, and treaded tyres are advisable should the weather be a little on the damp side!
Once again we have been granted the luxury of an Official road closure to assist with our safety & enjoyment.. We gratefully thank Officials at Tandridge District Council for allowing this.
We would spectators and riders alike to still exercise caution and treat the hill and surrounding countryside with due respect, leave no litter and help safeguard future editions of the Bec CC Hill Climb.
There is a considerable amount of parking on the grass verges of the B2024 & in the lane to Tatsfield
PLEASE AT ALL TIMES, BE AWARE OF FAST TRAFFIC ON THIS ROAD it is an A road with a 60mph speed limit.
This year as we have a larger field of Competitors & can expect a much larger than normal amount of Spectators we request you park your car consideratly & side by side rather than nose to tail where the verges allow…..(at the time of writing we are trying to secure extra parking in a local field, but as of yet it cannot be guaranteed of its availability)
Competitors MUST NOT descend on the course after the racing commences. It will be closed to warming up-practice and Marshalled at 1.50pm.
Please go along Clarks Lane and down Titsey Hill (caution needed) to proceed to the start. Allow 10 minutes to arrive at the start.
Sign On & Numbers:
Numbers will be available at the Sign ondesk allocated adjacent to the finishing line. (Top of the hill)
GC 1 : Sharp 42” Aquos Flat screen LED TV rrp iro £450.00

Rapha Pro Team Jacket rrp £220.00

GC 2 : Rapha Long Sleeve Pro Team Jersey RRP £150 + £50.00

GC 3 : Rapha Pro Team Base Layer, Short Sleeve £50.00 + £50.00
juniors 1: Rapha Long Sleeve Pro Team Jersey rrp £150.00

juniors 2: Rapha Pro Team Base Layer rrp £50.00 + £50.00

juniors 3. Bag of Condor Cycles Goodies iro £65.00

Rouleur Subscription £36.00
Vets 1st Rapha Long Sleeve Brevet Jersey & Gilet rrp £205.00

Vets 2nd Rapha Kings of Pain Jersey rrp £150.00

Vets 3rd Bag of Condor Cycles Goodies iro £65.00

Rouleur Book £25.00
Women 1st Rapha Women’s Souplesse Jacket rrp £ 190.00

Women 2nd Rapha Women’s Souplesse Jersey rrp £ 140.00

Women 3rd Bag of Condor Cycles Goodies iro £65.00

Rouleur Mug £19.00
Team award Sponsored by Evans Cycles 3x Gift Vouchers £150.00each
Greatest beating of Event Record: Sponsored by ‘Big’ Dave owner of Sharman Building & Russell ‘Woodmaster’ Miller £100.00
All Cash Prizes Sponsored by Sharman & Miller
Many Thanks to all Sponsors for their Generosity & Support


No / Name / Cat / Club / Start Time

1 James Hughes (El Presidente) V Bec C.C. 14.01

2 Ed Simpson V VC de Londres 14.02

3 P.Gaida & S.House T Reading CC & Arctic Tackx 14.03

4 Roy Instrall V Morden CRC 14.04

5 Karin Brameld W Pearson Cycling Club 14.05

6 P. Tunnel & A.Green T Addiscombe CC 14.06

7 Tom Owen Rollapaluza CC 14.07

8 William Brassington J Dulwich Paragon CC 14.08

9 Sarah croucher W London Phoenix CC 14.09

10 Dylan Bexley V Dorking CC 14.10

11 Simon Lythgoe V Addiscombe CC 14.11

12 Chris Cook G S Avanti 14.12

13 Freddie Davidson J St Pauls CRT 14.13

14 Jon Pring Imperial College Cycling Club 14.14

15 Stefan Jooste Ful-on Tri 14.15

16 Samantha Whitehead W Bec CC 14.16

17 Lee Comerford London Dynamo 14.17

18 John Brameld V Pearson Cycling Club 14.18

19 Stanislav Cmakal London Phoenix CC 14.19

20 David Ambler J St Pauls CRT 14.20

21 Isla Aimee Rush W Wyndymilla 14.21

22 Paul Symes CC London 14.22

23 Andrew Croker V VC Rocacorba 14.23

24 Owen Cooper Norwood Paragon CC 14.24

25 Will Beresford London Phoenix CC 14.25

26 Tom Simpson J VC de Londres 14.26

27 Nicole Millar W VC Rococorba 14.27

28 Alfie Parkinson J VC de Londres 14.28

29 Mitchell Blain Mono Velo 14.29

30 Nathan Bloom J Regents Park Rouleurs 14.30

31 Helen McKay W Les Filles Racing Team 14.31

32 Dan Pateman V Kingston Wheelers CC 14.32

33 Chris Balkham Oxted Cycle Club 14.33

34 Aaron Espin Pearson Cycling Club 14.34

35 Nigel Downing Mukiwa VC Rocacorba 14.35

36 Ashley Nunn Addiscombe CC 14.36

37 Alan Miles Redhill CC 14.37

38 Tamar Vanderhaas W Lewes Wanderers CC 14.38

39 Alvaro Mari-Thompson Dulwich Paragon CC 14.39

40 Andy Corrigan V Pearson Cycling Club 14.40

41 Henrietta Colborne W Beacon Wheelers 14.41

42 Ewan Evans Dorking CC 14.42

43 Murray Davies J VO2 Maximum RT 14.43

44 Anthony Langdell V CC London 14.44

45 Richard Pearce VC Rocacorba 14.45

46 Chloe Weller W Norwood Paragon CC 14.46

47 David Sear Dorking CC 14.47

48 Oliver Craig Mono Velo 14.48

49 Craig Barton V 4T + Velo Club 14.49

50 Sam Turner J St Pauls CRT 14.50

51 Daniel Gilderthorp Norwood Paragon CC 14.51

52 Louise Laker W PMR @ Toachim House 14.52

53 Nick Christian Team De Ver 14.53

54 Nick Dibble V 4T + Velo Club 14.54

55 Jack Donaldson InGear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 14.55

56 Bella Leach W London Phoenix CC 14.56

57 Craig Wagstaff Regents Park Rouleurs 14.57

58 Joe Peake CC London 14.58

59 Dr Ian Prenelle V Finsbury Park CC 14.59

60 Virasamy Thippadu Dorking CC 15.00

61 Deborah Percival W 34 Nomads CC 15.01

62 Adrian Blacker V Norwood Paragon CC 15.02

63 Peter Harber J VC de Londres 15.03

64 James Lees Rollapaluza CC 15.04

65 Thomas Hawkes J Addiscombe CC 15.05

66 Ashley Dennis Banks/Catford CC Equipe 15.06

67 Christopher Zappala Look Mum No Hands! 15.07

68 Tom Freke Dulwich Paragon CC 15.08

69 Daniel Slotte The 5th Floor Cycle Club 15.09

70 Daniel Loveday Charlotteville Cycling Club 15.10

71 Simon Warren V Norwood Paragon CC 15.11

72 David Ross Velo Club Motel – SCU 15.12

73 Daniel Hills Imperial College Cycling Club 15.13

74 Joseph Clifford J Dulwich Paragon CC 15.14

75 Maryka Sennema W Kingston Wheelers CC 15.15

76 Daniel Pink Bigfoot CC 15.16

77 Joel Brassington V Dulwich Paragon CC 15.17

78 Issac Pucci Pure Motion Cycles/Gatorade 15.18

79 Ian Watson V CC London 15.19

80 Marcus Shields Ayr roads cc – SCU 15.20

81 Mark Fletcher V 4T + Velo Club 15.21

82 Russell Stephens V Dorking CC 15.22

83 David Hunt V Southborough & Dist. Whs 15.23

84 Tom Killick V St Pauls CRT 15.24

85 Paolo Nistri V Albarosa CC 15.25

86 Thomas Seller Oxted Cycle Club 15.26

87 Andrew thomas Dulwich Paragon CC 15.27

88 Conall yates In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 15.28

89 Stuart Richards Clapham Chasers 15.29

90 Sam Humpheson Look Mum No Hands! 15.30

91 Daniel Sullivan Norwood Paragon CC 15.31

92 Frederic Chelet VCPBI – Foreign UCI reg’d 15.32

93 Christopher Booth Gosforth RC 15.33

94 Rory Barrett Southborough & Dist. Whs 15.34

95 Paul Vine V Wigmore CC 15.35

96 Paul Finch 4T + Velo Club 15.36

97 Andrew knight NFTO Race 15.37

98 Reuben Bakker-Dyos Bigfoot CC 15.38

99 Keith Henderson V Southborough & Dist. Whs 15.39

100 Matt Stephens Hemel Hempstead CC 15.40

101 Graham Collins Manningtree Whlrs 15.41

102 Russ Thompson V Performance Cycles CC 15.42

103 Barry Stewart Bigfoot CC 15.43

104 Grant Smith Crest CC 15.44

105 Ben Nichol Amersham Road Cycling Club 15.45

106 Cam Austin Look Mum No Hands! 15.46

107 Ewan Tuohy Banks/Catford CC Equipe 15.47

108 Nigel Smith V Southborough & Dist. Whs 15.48

109 Neil Lauder 4T + Velo Club 15.49

110 James Local London Dynamo 15.50

111 John Bland London Dynamo 15.51

112 Chris Wolton Southborough & Dist. Whs 15.52

113 Jack Verhoeff Addiscombe CC 15.53

114 Simon Potter Wyndymilla 15.54

115 James Griffin Kingston Wheelers CC 15.55

116 Matt Kuwertz Southborough & Dist. Whs 15.56

117 Nic Stevenson Westerley Cycling Club 15.57

118 Phillip Aubert Velosport RT 15.58

119 Gavin Arber Regents Park Rouleurs 15.59

120 Lawrence Symes OVB – Foreign (UCI registered) 16.00

121 Edward Cox Imperial College Cycling Club 16.01

122 Joe Norledge Procycling Magazine RT 16.02

123 Joshua Lawless Elite Cycling 16.03

124 Jason Creswell London Phoenix CC 16.04

125 Bill Bell Bigfoot CC 16.05

126 Richard Bussell Beacon Roads CC 16.06

127 Stan Kennet GS Stella 16.07

128 Steve Rodgers GS Avanti 16.08

129 Jon Hughes V VC Godalming & Haslemere 16.09

130 David Millar Garmin – Sharp Pro Team 16.10

131 Elliot Lipski In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 16.11

132 John Cockrill Abellio – SFA Racing Team 16.12

133 Elliot Banks Imperial College Cycling Club 16.13

134 David Watt Kingston Phoenix RC 16.14

135 Peter Tadros V In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT 16.15

136 James Graham Kingston Wheelers CC 16.16

137 Michael Lane Rollapaluza CC 16.17

138 Liam O’Toole Sheffrec CC 16.18

139 Edward Francis V Kingston Wheelers CC 16.19

140 Richard Cartland South Downs Bikes 16.20

141 William Adams Velosport RT 16.21

142 Jacob Nicholson Medway Velo Club 16.22

143 Glyndwr Griffiths Arctic Tacx RT 16.23

144 Charles Coleman Felt Colbournes Hargroves RT 16.24

145 Robert Gough Arctic Tacx RT 16.25

146 Tony Kiss Performance Cycles CC 16.26

147 Adrian Lawson V Cadence RT 16.27

148 Thomas Mead-Herbert Watford Velo Sport 16.28

149 Matthew Burton Velo Club Rutland 16.29

150 Jack Pullar Starley Primal Pro Cycling 16.30
Alex Hamilton Dulwich Paragon CC

Stuart Sergeant Arbis Colbert Cycles RT

Nicholas Bland Twickenham CC

James Lowden Lewes Wanderers CC

Adi Gaskell Vectis Roads CC

Andy Ross Dorking CC

Simon Goodwin London Phoenix CC

Daniel Jaeggi London Phoenix CC

Tim Jones Penge CC

Damian Poulter Hounslow & Dist CC

James Hedgeland Dulwich Paragon CC

Darren Pollard Sth Boro’ & District CC

Magnus Wills Catford CC

Graham Little Dulwich Paragon CC

Dominic Bergen Penge CC

Promo video for the 2013 event…

Video of the top 3 riders from the 2013 event won by Jack Pullar

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