British Cycling Membership Deal

British Cycling Membership Deal

British Cycling Membership Deal


May 2013


Joining British Cycling, the governing body of cyclesport here in the UK makes a lot of sense. Not only are you supporting cycle sport at all levels but for all but the most basic Bronze membership, it also guarantees you insurance during training and events of up to £10 million of liability cover, plus free legal advice and support for any cycling incidents you may be involved in.


We firmly believe that everyone should join British Cycling; as BC membership grows, they are better able to represent the sport of cycling and do more in support of all cyclists, including political lobbying.


British Cycling currently have a special offer to encourage cyclists who are already club members to join up; its basically a membership discount for members of affiliated clubs where you can get up to £15 off membership when you join British Cycling for the first time.


It means you can literally join at the most base Bronze level for free… Personally though we recommend you get the reassurance provided by the insurance and legal advice and join at Silver.


You can get your introductory discount when you use our club promotion codes to join online by visiting this page of the British Cycling Website.


Using code NEWCMRA gets you either ‘Race Bronze’ for Free (normally its £15), ‘Race Silver’ for £23 (normally £38), or ‘Race Gold’ for £51 (normally £66).


Using code NEWCMRD gets you ‘Ride’ for £14 (normally £28).


If you need any assistance contact


British Cycling


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